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Auction - The Premier Group (Coventry) Ltd

CME FS-3 CNC bed mill, Heidenhain TNC-426 control, 2400x850mm bed, swarf conveyor, 4000rpm, ISO 50 taper, X= 2200mm / Y=1000mm / Z=1000mm, s/n 013 (2001)

Durma (Axe & Status) E-30160 CNC downstroking pressbrake, 3050mm x 160ton capacity, 200mm stroke, Durma DU6000 control, Sick C4000 light guards, front support, segmented tooling, s/n 7531061993-E (2006)

Harold Potter twin girder overhead loading crane on freestanding runway, 8000kg swl, height: 3.63m / length: 4.35m / width: 2.9m approx, pendant control (circa 2016)