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Please find below a list of services we are able to provide.

General Disposal Services

  • Initial advice and overall estimated market realisation valuation. (Max & Min).
  • First stage awareness to potential purchasers.
  • An immediate buffer ("We have now appointed agents - talk to them"!)
  • 'Fronts only' clean and basic layout for primary marketing campaign.
  • Digital photographs (+ digital video where agreed) and basic specification / details for Flysheet.
  • Production & mailing of Flysheet to specifically targeted potential vendors from our database.
  • Marketing and advertising worldwide (based on our long term experience in the specific sector.)
  • Consultation on 'People flow', security, and health & safety issues.
  • Main cleaning of machinery (Using experienced personnel / acceptable materials) [COSH reports]
  • Moving and layout of equipment, small tooling etc. (including coloured coverings, lot boxes, cleaning.)
  • Additions / removals / changes to original list.
  • Lotting and clear identification of each item for sale.
  • Production and distribution of catalogue by post / fax / e-mail.
  • Technical and general enquiries handled from our offices.
  • General & specific signs supplied and produced to guide the customer to the site and the lot required.
  • Cameras & CCTV signs in all sensitive areas.
  • Full staffing for viewing day / days. (Registration, and all specific or sensitive areas.)
  • Full staffing for Auction day. (Auctioneer (s), registration, security, PR, and accounts.)
  • Experienced personnel for clearance of goods coordinated with our accounts office.
  • Experienced accounting staff incl:'reasonable risk', Letters of credit, Export VAT refunds etc.
  • Accountability to the vendor by individual lot number.
  • Collection of funds including: Letters of credit, Export VAT refunds etc. - and dispersal to client.
  • Complete clearance of building / site (when specifically agreed)

Specialist Disposal Services

  • Bank / Finance / Insurance valuations.
  • Sales and Marketing of redundant product lines and equipment.
  • Complete factory disposals including all health and safety requirements.
  • 'Linked' multiple disposals for clients providing economies of scale and market awareness.
  • Provision of project managers for larger disposals. (All with in excess of £1m past experience).
  • Specialist knowledge and working practices for high security facilities.
  • 'Real time' Internet auctions where product is appropriate.
  • In house flysheet design with digital photographic retouching and enhancement.
  • Specialist email market shots & in house website design, marketing and linking.
  • Low volume specifically targeted marketing from our database.
  • General & specific signs produced & supplied for a better organised disposal.
  • Security cameras and radios, low height pallet racking etc. supplied from stock as required.
  • Specialist equipment provided including: 76" forklift truck, mobile rostrum etc.
  • Long term experience: Export licences, letters of credit and specialist documentation.