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2x Hayes Accura 15328 network (boxed)

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2x Hayes Accura 15328 network (boxed)


2x Hayes Accura 15328 network (boxed)

Auction - BBC Wales Phase 3 Auction Sale

Studio / Broadcasting Equipment

Rank Cintel Ursa Gold Telecine machine, 35x16mm wide format with prefectone separate magnetic film transport. Perfectone duplex recorder with control desk (1998)
2x Studer 1/4" tape reel to reel recorder
EMT 950 professional turntable
Leitch SPG-141P sync pulse generator. Prob-bel 6063 signal distribution chassis
Evertz Q32 series analogue video router. 2x Evertz Q32 series SDI video router
Panasonic AJ-D350 video recorder. Sony DVW-A500P digital video cassette recorder
2x Sony J-305DI compact player. Sony VO-9600P video cassette recorder
Sony BVU-800P video cassette recorder. CB reader, inciter generator
Avitel TRE2060 EBU/SMPTE time code reader. Audio kinetics gear box
Tascam CD-RW 900SL CD recorder
2x Canford rack mount pro dual interface. Tektronix 1421 PAL vectorscope
Fora FA-320P digital time base corrector
3x AKG C4500 B-BC microphones. 3x Shure 8900 microphones
HHB PDR1000 professional DAT recorder. HHB MDP500 professional minidisc recorder
Marantz CDR300 CD recorder. Denon DN-C630 CD player
Sony TA-FE370 integrated amplifier. HHB CDR-830 plus CD recorder
Epson EMP-5350 projector. Qty various Sony, Technics, Hi Fi Components etc
Qty Rogers LS5/8, LS3/5 monitor loudspeakers
Qty mice, keyboards, speakers, fans, printers, fax machines
Qty Sony HVR-Z1E, HVR-Z5E digital HD video camera recorders
2x Panasonic PZ digital HD video camera. Qty various Sony, Canon, Fuji etc cameras, lenses
Shortcut 360 symmetry sound effects machine
Qty various size Peli cases, flight cases, camera bags, etc
Qty Manfrotto, Vinten etc tripods, tripod cases. Lyrec reel to reel tape player
Acoustical AM8/16 frequency splitting amplifier. Evertz 4900 & video character generator
Yamaha T-D500 natural sound tuner. Sony ST-SE370 FM stereo / FM-AM tuner
2x AJA analogue audio monitors, KL Box, I/O unit. 2x Tektronix 528A waveform monitors
Chromatec TVD35 stereo monitor. Philips LDK4210 sync pulse generator
2x Courtyard CY250 VT clock with keyboard
Axon FR2A rack type plug-in card frame, 3x various BBC engineering rack type chassis
2x Audionics PPM. Denon DN-1100R MD recorder. Audionics 8 channel monitor unit
2x Kramer VS-101AV 10x1 video / audio stereo switcher. Hamlet 601 digiscope
BBC ME2/5/311 AF test set. Audionics 8 channel monitor unit
Thomson broadcast Colorado 4:2:2 mixer panel. Eela S120-VCA 7 channel mixer
4x APC UPS batteries. Digitel ISDN / analogue adapter in carry case, BT 2700HGV ADSL router in carry case
3x APC rack type UPS. Qty Sony, Panasonic etc DVD players DVB receiver etc
Denon TV-260L11 precision audio component / AM-FM stereo tuner
4x Eyeheight uni-panels. 2x Marantz PMD750 solid state recorder
2x MRG Systems DTP800 databridge. Westwick AS2 active rack shelf
TSL Monitoring unit, Leith Xpress output unit. 6x Avid Adrenaline media arrange
AKG N62E Phantom power supply. Glensound 595 / 596 portable microphone unit in case
BBC time delay coil, Link Electronics PSU. Tektronix 528A waveform monitor
Sony BVW-75P, SP UVW-1800P, Sony DNW-A22P, Sony DVW-522P video cassette player / recorder
2x Gentner TS612 hybrid units, 2x rack type audio monitors
5x Fora LDR-110B live digital recorders, Fora FVW-100P video writer, Fora RUA remote unit etc
Hamlet Video 301 video scope
Dolby SEU4 surround encoded unit, Dolby SDU4 surround decoder unit
2x ASC 7-47-7 reporter in case. Global communications SMC SMATV master controller
Doremi RCV1 Controller. Mitel 7100 management access point
3x Nemacom Technix 48V system monitors (2014)
TL rack type chassis inc: Ceda 2628 plug-in, rack type power supply
Grass Valley News Q Pro, Grass Valley News edit jog / shuffle controller & Newsedit motorised fader controller
ASC MD report. 4x CPU Switch Cat 5 extender remote unit
Clarity AP LCD BCF A0717005 wall monitor. Qty various Probel equipment inc: digital video line synchronisers, 1128 power supply's, routing switchers, TX master centre, 4 channel. 2x Probel TX master control 14 channel with TSL manual intervention panel. TSL UMD-PSU22 UMD power supply. 3x Avid Airspeed digital video recorder. Avid server with Avid Airspeed digital video recorder. 4x T-Vips TVG415 video gateways. Evertz Topaz analogue audio router
Sigma Electronics BSG-26P signal generator. Avocent AMX5130 User Station KVM switch
2x Avocent AMX5130 User Station KVM switches
3x CCS CDQ1000 Musicam / G.722 ISDN codec
4x Avocent Emerge ECMS 1000R receivers. GTO Entuitive touch screen in case
2x Thomson Broadcast camera mount
Avid Adrenaline Media editing work station, Trilogy 100 distribution chassis inc: cards. Yamaha DVR-S150 natural sound home theatre system
3x Behringer Mic 100 Tube Ultra Gain preamplifier
Qty various Dell, Cisco, Nortel, D-Link etc servers, datastores, Ethernet switches, controllers etc
Qty JVC, Samsung, etc LCD TV's, Monitors etc. Hyundai S465D 46" 3D TV, etc.
Challen oak upright piano

Video Conferencing / Office Furniture
Cisco TX9000 series conferencing system, triple 65" screens, 3 cameras, data display with Cisco touch 12 control (2013)
9 section cherry curved conferencing suite with 17x chrome frame black leather swivel chairs, microphone built in per section
Qty BOF 1400x800mm maple office tables with various upholstered swivel chairs
Qty BOF white 8 compartment metal office storage lockers, 380x300x420mm compartment size
Qty BOF grey metal 2 drawer filing cabinets, 800x470x700mm
Qty BOF grey metal sliding door storage cupboards, 800x470x700mm
2x beech 2400x1200mm meeting tables with 6x metal frame black upholstered chairs
Black leather 2 seater sofa, 1500mm wide. Pink / purple upholstered sofa, 1850mm wide
2400x1200mm maple oval meeting desk with 5x metal frame black upholstered chairs
750mm dia white table with 4x white / metal frame stools
5400x1600mm maple modular meeting table with 12x chrome frame black leather meeting chairs
Qty various beech 1600x1200mm 'L' shape desks
Glass coffee tables. 2x black leather 2 seater sofas
Qty beech 1600x1000mm curved tables
2000x1050mm wooden meeting table with metal / wooden frame chairs
5400x1600mm sectional meeting table with 15x wooden / metal frame seats
2400x1200mm maple oval meeting table with chrome / maple meeting chairs
Qty 1600x1200mm ā€˜Lā€™ shape beech tables with office swivel chairs
Vitra mobile meeting chairs with oval meeting table
Qty various colour upholstered / leather 2 & 3 seater sofas
Red upholstered swivel single seater chairs
4x Frighelto pink / purple upholstered chairs
17x chrome / black leather stackable chairs
Qty cream wooden top 1600x900mm mobile office tables with various chairs
Qty 10 compartment cream metal office storage lockers
Qty various floor standing / table top lights
Fellowes 58-99ci paper shredder
Fellowes Powershred C-320 paper / CD shredder
Qty various BBC building wall mounted / floor type signs, etc.

Canteen Equipment / Stand by Generator
Jura Impresa coffee machine.
Aures touch screen till. EasyZap CE895 fly zapper
Indesit IDF125 white under counter dishwasher
2x white / pink 2700x800mm canteen bench with seats
800mm dia white tables with 4x metal canteen chairs
Paramac GSW65 powering engineering 60kva standby generator, Newage straight 4 diesel engine, 33hrs, built in diesel tank (2006) (requires dismantling prior to removal)