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2x Corsair Hotlock s/s workbenches, 1800x500x950mm...

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2x Corsair Hotlock s/s workbenches, 1800x500x950mm...


2x Corsair Hotlock s/s workbenches, 1800x500x950mm approx

Auction - UTC Aerospace Systems

CNC Turning
Samsung PL35MC/1500 CNC slant bed turning centre, Fanuc Series OI-TD control, 12 tool turret, live tooling, tail stock, 2500rpm spindle speed, 680mm swing x 1500mm b.c., 91mm bore diameter, tool setting probe, swarf conveyor, Absolent air filtration unit, s/n 12C360033 (2012)
Ajax AJF260 CNC lathe, Fagor 8055 CNC control, 260mm CH x 1500mm b.c., tail stock, 8 tool turret with Losma Minimaster filtration & Absolent A.Mist extraction unit, s/n 40675 (2012)

Preheat / Curing Ovens
Marr Therm electric twin compartment oven, 200degC max temp, 2600x390x370mm approx ID, Eurotherm 2604 temperature controller
Hedinair electric 4 drawer oven, 21kW, Eurotherm 3508 temperature controller, 1000x750x200mm approx drawer size
Pladrest electric single door oven, 200degC max temp, Eurotherm 2604 temperature controller, 940x2000x1650mm approx ID

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous
Vapormatt Cougar manual wet abrasive blast cabinet, 4 glove port, 1000x1250x1150mm work area, 1100mm dia table (2013)
Demag floor mounted swing jib, 250kg SWL, 3200mm approx span, Demag electric chain hoist, pendant control (2008)
Demag floor mounted swing jib, 5m approx span, 3.65m approx under arm, 250kg SWL with Demag electric hoist, pendant control (2010)
Extor 3500-3S-MPIP mobile extraction unit, 4kW (2010)
DCE UMA102GE 2HP dust extraction unit
GP Smartscope Flash CNC200 multi sensor measuring machine, 200x200x150mm work area, Renishaw P1200-3 probe interface with equipment
Safelab Airone-1800R filtration fume cupboard, 240v, 1650x670mm aperture (2015)
Dalling Automation twin pump resin mixer, Emko ESM-4420 temperature control
2x Corsair Hotlock s/s workbenches, 1800x500mm approx
Raptor DTF450 mobile drum loader / unloader, 450kg cap