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Hi-Tech (Purex Superflow) 080400 s/s fume extracti...

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Hi-Tech (Purex Superflow) 080400 s/s fume extracti...


Hi-Tech (Purex Superflow) 080400 s/s fume extraction unit, 1.2kW (2001) - lot located at: Pitstone, Buckinghamshire

Auction - April Collective Sale

Hitachi Seiki HS400 CNC 6 pallet HMC, Seicos 16M control, 400mm pallet, swarf conveyor, 120 tool ATC (2002)
Cincinnati Milacron Magnum 1000 CNC twin pallet HMC, 1000mm pallet, Acramatic 950 CNC control (1998)
Cincinnati Maxim 500 CNC twin pallet HMC, Acramatic 950 control, 500mm pallet, 80 tool ATC,
swarf conveyor (1995)
Nakamura-Tome TW20 twin spindle CNC chucking auto, Luck-BEI control, twin chuck, 12 station turret, swarf conveyor, 77kva, s/n W206105 (1998)
Hurco KM3-P CNC turret mill, 950x270mm table, 60-4000rpm, Hurco Ultimax control, 29757hrs, s/n MKU9 001-031
Eley Metrology Truth S CNC CMM, 2000x1200x900mm capacity, 2015 Renishaw PH10T probe, HCU1 hand held control unit with PC & Monitor (2002)

Machine Tools­­

Jones & Shipman 1430 surface grinder, power rise & fall, 24x12” mag chuck, coolant clarifier, s/n BO99979 (1981)
Jones & Shipman 540 surface grinder, 14x6” mag chuck, metric dials, s/n BO73065
PG Optidress wheel forming attachment with manual
Jones & Shipman 1600 cone centre lapping machine, 745-1420rpm, 165mm CH x 1016mm b.c.
John Lund Precimax universal grinder, swivel internal, 5" CH x 24" b.c. with coolant
Herminghausen SR2G centreless grinder with coolant, electric cabinets, 25mm capacity, s/n 468631 
Sealey 6" BG150CX bench grinder. Gryphon 6” double ended grinder on base
Jones & Shipman 310 tool & cutter grinder (spares or repair)
Richards Flashlite single wheel fettling grinder

Drilling / Engraving / Honing / Milling
Alfred Herbert radial arm drill, 36" arm, 129-1627rpm, 36x22" RF table
Ajax 64R14 radial arm drill, 1200mm arm, 50-1500rpm, Jetbrake
Herbert single spindle pillar drill, 18x13" RF table, 106-1455rpm
Herbert single spindle pillar drill, 24x24" RF table, 74-2850rpm
Sealey SDM30 350W bench type pillar drill, 13mm / 1/2" chuck (1999)
Clarke Metalworker CDP12EB bench type drill mounted on sliding trolley, 240v
Taylor Hobson Pantograph engraver, 380x200mm table, stamps
GHA Pantograph engraver, 450x300mm table, 340x200mm sub table
Delapena Speedhone E electronic horizontal hone, 2kW, 60-350rpm, 12-150mm, s/n 189117
Bridgeport turret mill, 49x9" table, Powerfeed, Anilam Wizard 211 DRO, 50-3750rpm, s/n 256260677U
Bridgeport turret mill, 49x9" table, Powerfeed, belt head, 67-4600rpm, Anilam Microwizard DRO, s/n 1980809745
Bridgeport turret mill, 42x9” table, belt head, 67-4600rpm
Chen Ho CHV1500 turret mill, 42x9" table, Powerfeed, 70-4200rpm, Anilam Microwizard DRO, s/n 91192 (1992)
Parkinson No1NA horizontal milling machine, 46x10" table, 29-775rpm

Sawing / Turning
Tyro R02.15LAB cutting panel saw, automatic / manual operation (2004)
Pedrazzoli Brown250 pull down saw, 250mm dia blade
Omes pull down mitre chop saw, 250mm dia blade
Leten LHM280 hydraulic high speed horizontal power hacksaw, 140mm stroke, 80-120SPM
3x Zipper Z1-HB204 planer & thicknesser (boxed & unused)
WMW Niles DLZ630V2000 lathe, 14" CH x 84" b.c., 22.4-1120rpm with equipment
Colchester Triumph 2000 gap bed lathe, 25-2000rpm, 7 1/2” CH x 50” b.c.
Denham SR8V 16" swing centre lathe, 48" b.c., 22-1200rpm
2x Ward 7 capstan lathe, 6 tool turret, 26-536rpm
Herbert 2 Hex Preoptive capstan lathe, 6 tool turret, 32-1500rpm

Small Tooling / Inspection / Laboratory
Qty small tooling inc: R8 Autolocks, drills, reamers, machine vices, BT40 / BT45 / CAT50 tool holders, mandrels, chucks, end mills, slot drills, sleeves, drill chucks,
Hedinair 14kW electric oven, twin door, digital temperature control, 1200x700x1750mm ID
B & T Laboratory Equipment laboratory oven, 300degC max, 2000W, 240v, 450x400mm internal size
SWP 300degC electrode oven, 110v / 240v, 450x450mm ID
Carbolite LMF-4 laboratory muffle furnace, 1200degC max, 170x400mm internal size
500mm dia shadowgraph, 240v
Avery 6502 CGB weighing tensile tester, 220lbs capacity
Amsler 6553 tensile tester. Vickers PBA 6111 wire machine
Crown & Windley 600x600mm grade 71A1 granite surface table on metal stand

Sheet Metal / Pressing / Welding
Hare AL630 pneumatic press, 63kN, 100mm stroke, 450x290mm bed (2002)
JH Shand 30-OT 30ton hydraulic press, 500x500mm bed, guards
Wiedemann RA-41P turret punch, 75mm dia max capacity, multi head turret with tooling
Adcock & Shipley screw press. Nu-Tool SR160 hand shear
MaxArc Mark IV 10kva welder. Romark Ezmig 240 mig welder, 8.7kva
NBC 400 mig welder with wire feed, 400A

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous
Fiat Multipla 1.9 diesel 6 seater, 120,000 miles (un-warranted), manual gearbox, blue, 04Reg
Lansing Linde E20P electric FLT with rotator, 2000kg capacity, 3050mm max lift (1998)
Yale GLP050 gas forklift truck, 5300mm max lift height, sideshift, 5275hrs
2x Demag 250kg electric hoists, pendant control
CompAir L160-7.5A rotary packaged compressor, 160kW, 1500rpm, 28.4m3/min, 7.5bar, Delcos 3100 control (2007)
Bambi 150/500 compressor on air receiver. CompAir SmartAir system controller
KEW 16A2V steamer cleaner.
Selbstregeinder 125kva diesel standby generator, AVK alternator, Deutz v10 engine, 353hrs
Quick Silver QS-8.0D marine generator, 8000W, 240v
Dopag MicroMix twin mixing station (2009)
Heinrich Zeidler hydraulic slurry/filter press, 3.2m long approx, 37x plates @ 800mm diameter (1973)
Hydrogen sintering furnace, 1500degC max temperature, 350mm diameter x 530mm depth
Aquafine USD 4R ultraviolet sterilisation unit, single stage sterilisation (2002)
Marley Davenport MDG-8 cooling tower (2002)
6x Hi-Tech (Purex Superflow) 021570 s/s fume extraction units, 1.5kW (2001)
Hi-Tech (Purex Superflow) 021510 s/s fume extraction unit, 1.5kW (2001)
3x Hi-Tech (Purex Superflow) 080400 s/s fume extraction units, 1.2kW (2001)
Partitioned office, 7m x 2.9m approx, modular building
4x 1000ltr, 1x 2000gallon, 3x 2000ltr polypropylene storage tanks
1x 3300ltr open top polypropylene storage tank
Titan Fuelmaster 2500ltr bunded oil tank
Integrated Sand Systems screw mixer
Worcester Ventilation dust extraction unit.
Plymouth EF2000 wall type extraction unit
Reddy Vac 110v wet / dry vacuum cleaner
Baldwin & Francis 11kv switchgear panel, 1000A buzzbar rating, 625kApeak with stand (2007)
4x Dravo, ITT, Reznor, Warmco gas fired factory heaters.
Orwak 5031-E compactor / baler, 0.75kW, s/n 22520 (1993)
2x mobile metal forkable swarf bins, 1060x750x800mm approx
Qty various solid / wire mesh stillages to 990x990x800mm
Qty Martini Alfredo plastic stackable cargo pallets, 1200x800x840mm
Qty various hand tools, power tools, motors, gearboxes, fans, pumps, consumables, pallet racking, office furniture, chairs, photocopier etc