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Ridsdale green sand swing impact tester

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Ridsdale green sand swing impact tester


Ridsdale green sand swing impact tester

Auction - Crane Building Services & Utilities

Over 900 Lots Major 2 Day On-Line Auction Sale inc:

Turning / Centres
2x Citizen Cincom M32 III CNC single bar auto, live tooling 8 axis, 40 tool turret, Mitsubishi CNC control, Iemca Boss 332R-E long magazine bar feed, (1 with Cool Blaster chiller unit), swarf conveyor (2005)
2x Citizen Cincom C32 VIII CNC single bar auto, Mitsubishi CNC control, Iemca Boss 332R-E long magazine bar feed, 6 axis, swarf conveyor & extraction (2005 & 2006)
2x Nakamura-Tome WT-150 CNC twin spindle turning centres, twin turrets, live tooling, Fanuc 18i-TB CNC control, Multifeed short magazine bar feed, swarf conveyor (2006 & 2007)
Takisawa EX-110 CNC turning centre, Fanuc Series 21i-T control, 12 tool turret, swarf conveyor, tailstock, Sameca Multisam 2000 short magazine bar feed (1999)
Mori Seiki SL-25M CNC turning centre, MSC-516 control, live tooling, 12 tool turret, tailstock, swarf conveyor, Sameca Monosam 65 bar feed (1995)
Mori Seiki SL-25B CNC turning centre, Moric-T6II control, 10 tool turret, tailstock, setting probe, swarf conveyor (1994)
Mori Seiki SL-25B CNC turning centre, Fanuc MF-T6 CNC control, 12 tool turret, tailstock, short conveyor (1994)
Mori Seiki SL-25 CNC turning centre, Fanuc Series 15-T CNC control, tail stock, 10 tool turret, swarf conveyor (1989)
Mori Seiki DL-20 CNC twin chuck / turret turning centre, 12 tool turret, MSC-516 CNC control, swarf conveyor (1995)
Hitachi Seiki Hitec-Turn 20S11 CNC turning centre, Seiki Multi control (Fanuc), tailstock, 16 tool turret, live tooling, swarf conveyor (1991)
3x Nakamura Tome TMC-30 CNC turning centre, 10 tool turret, tailstock, Fanuc control, swarf conveyor, setting probe (1991, 1992)
3x Colchester CNC 350 turning centres, 8 tool turret, Fanuc control, swarf conveyor (spares or repair)
Mori Seiki Hitech Pick UP turn CS250 CNC vertical turning centre, 12 tool turret, 4000rpm, Seicos E21L CNC control, swarf conveyor, Ewab engineering transfer station (2003)

VMC / HMC / Tapping

Haas VF-3 CNC VMC, 48x18” table, 32 tool ATC, Haas control, Haas 4th axis (1997)
Haas VF-OE CNC VMC, 36x14” table, 20 tool ATC, Haas control & 4th axis (1995)
Steinel BZ 24 FFZ CNC twin pallet HMC, 400x400mm pallet, Siemens Sinumerik control, 62 tool ATC, swarf conveyor (1991)
Mazak Mazatech H-400 CNC twin pallet HMC, 400x400mm pallet, Mazatrol M-32 control, 70 tool ATC, swarf conveyor (1989)
Brother TC-324 CNC tapping centre, 500x300mm rotating pallet, 10 tool turret (1995)

Rotary Transfer etc
Diedesheim LSA5 13352 6 head drilling / tapping machine, Allen Bradley control
Diedesheim LSA 3S / 3R 8 head drilling machine, 6 tool turret
Witzig & Frank Adamat 6 /42 drilling / tapping machine, 8 chuck, 6 head (rebuilt 1996)
Gnutti FMV-4-90-CD 4 head drilling transfer machine
Riello AZ-7-134-5-00 6 head drilling / tapping machine, swarf conveyor, auto / manual
Pericolo 4 head transfer drilling / tapping machine, load / unload stations
2x Pericolo TRO8S 11UT81 12 head (10 installed) universal drilling / tapping / turning machine, swarf conveyor, 8 station rotary turret with load / unload (1x spares or repair)
3x Industriework D-6542 Rheinbollen pressure testers (1990 & 1981)

Machine Tools
Boring / Drilling / Tapping
SIP MP-3K borer, 520x380mm table, 75-2000rpm, Anilam DRO
Webster Bennett 36” DH vertical borer, 9-200rpm
Pollard 24” radial arm drill, 20x16” RF table, 293-2248rpm
Adcock & Shipley 36” radial arm drill, 96-1455rpm, 22x20x18” box table
Aldell single spindle production drill, 600mm dia RF indexing table, 58-1100rpm
Fobco Star single spindle bench drill, 8x8” RF table, 475-4260rpm
Startrite Mercury mkII bench drill on base, 530-3830rpm
Osaki PDB132 single spindle bench drill, 580-2650rpm, 240v, 150x150mm RF table
4x Pollard single spindle drills on fixed bases, 86-1920rpm
Meddings S68 single spindle drill, 100-3020rpm, 500x360mm RF table
Alfred Herbert single spindle pillar drill, 18x18” RF table, 443-2150rpm
Clarke Metal Worker CDP501F single spindle pillar drill, 400x350mm RF table, 240v (2001)
Herbert 4 spindle in line drill, 46x16” RF table, 74-2850rpm

Grinding / Lapping
Jones & Shipman 1302 universal grinding machine, swivel internal
Jones & Shipman 540 surface grinder, 18x6” mag chuck, coolant, extraction
Jones & Shipman 310 tool grinder. Wickman optical profile grinder
Brierley ZB32 drill grinder on base. Darex M5I bench type drill grinder (2001)
Grimston 6”, BEC 8”, Black & Decker 10”, Oliver Machinery 10” double ended grinders on base
Clarke CBG-8RS 200mm, Wolf 200mm double ended grinder
IDP 150mm dia single wheel lapping machine, 250x160mm table

Thiel Duplex 159 universal milling machine, 28x14”compound table, 40-2000rpm, Heidenhain DRO
Elliot horizontal milling machine, 1280x270mm table, 35-1200rpm

Sterling BMSY 350 automatic horizontal bandsaw (1999)
Behringer HBP220A automatic horizontal bandsaw, 250mm wide conveyor, hydraulic clamping (1992)
Adige Sala CM500 semi automatic 30mm cut off saw with feed conveyor & hydraulic pack
Adige Sala CM501A automatic cut off saw (1992)
Metora UMB220 horizontal bandsaw. Ryobi ECO-2335 pull down saw, 240v

Hardinge KL-1 super precision lathe, 125-3000rpm
Ajax AJ 165E gap bed centre lathe, 8” CH x 30” b.c, 30-2000rpm
Ward 7DS capstan lathe, 6 tool turret.
Ward 7D capstan lathe, 6 tool turret, 25-1000rpm

Small Tooling / Inspection
Qty small tooling inc: drills, reamers, machine vices, bench vices, rotary tables, collets, tips, turning & boring tools, dividing heads, side & face milling cutters etc
Zoller V420 vertical tool pre-setter                                  
Wellman Incandescent gas furnace, 1400deg C max temperature, Kent temperature controller
Baty profile projector, 300mm dia screen, Quadra-Chek 100 DRO
Avery 6402 bench type hardness tester. 60x36” CI surface table
Qty inspection equipment inc: height gauges, micrometers, slip gauges, plug & thread gauges etc

Pattern Shop / Woodworking
Axminster 700353 vertical bandsaw, 680x530mm table, 470mm throat (2012)
Axminster TSCE-12R 305mm dia table saw, 866x800mm table (2012)
Axminster AW 106 PTZ planer / thicknesser, 180mm capacity with portable extraction unit (2012)
Wadkin disc / bobbin sander
Jet JWL-1642 woodworking lathe, 3200rpm, 200mm CH x 750mm b.c. (2013)

Pressing / Sheet Metal / Eroding
Weingarten PS160 mechanical press, 180ton, 600x550mm bed
Bentley OBR-120 mechanical press, 120ton, 3 ½” ram adjustment, 6” stroke, 750x750mm bed
Wilkins & Mitchell D30-HB-1-8 mechanical press, 200ton, 45SPM, 8” stroke, 16-20” shut height, 36x24” bed
Sweeney & Blocksidge No4 CP mechanical press, 20x11” bed
Bentley G12 inclinable mechanical press, 24x20” bed, 85SPM
Oxford RT300 electric arc welding set, 300A. L-Tec SVI 300i CVCC welder
Gullco GP-75-15 welding manipulator (1996). Plymovent PHV portable fume extractor, 1800W (2010)
1200x1000mm welding table. Bench type flypress. 8” manual hand shear
Eurospark H425 spark eroder, 420x300mm table, 1kva, Eurospark AP50-10 control

Factory Plant / Extraction / Miscellaneous
CompAir L75-7.5A rotary packaged compressor, 13.74m3 / min rate of flow, 7.5bar, 75kW, 3000rpm, Delcos 3100 control (2010)
CompAir L45 SRF-13A rotary packaged compressor, 8.02m3 / min flow rate, 45kW, 4250rpm, Delcos 3100 control with Air receiver (2008)
Donaldson Torit DCE 5.5kW dust extraction (2004)
Airmaster 15M dust extraction unit, 2.2kW (1994)
ThorWorld SMY169037FW vehicle loading ramp, 7000kg capacity (2008)
Genie Z-30 / 20N electric cherry picker, 555hrs (2005)
Freddy 500ltr mk IV mobile coolant remover (1995)
Butterfield MCR Airoblast 101 bead blast cabinet
Vacublast Honemast bead blast cabinet with extraction unit
LNS PB80 bar ending machine (1996)
Guyson Marr 2 stage 400x200 wash plant, 150ltr tank through feed (2002)
Caber 240C through feed degrease / wash tank, 170ltr tank capacity (1995)
Marr Wash Orbit 1000 heated s/s parts washer, top loading (1995)
Marr Wash Orbit heated s/s parts washer, top loading, 880mm basket
Kerry Ultrasonics UCR300 ultrasonic cleaning tank, variable temperature
CRS Robotics RA 5542 6 axis robot with RC5635 controller & pendant
Kawasaki FS006M G 6 axis robot with robot controller & pendant
Turier 2500kg capacity digital platform scales, 1800x1200mm platform (2003)
Mettler Toledo IND445 B60 digital scales, 60kg x 20g capacity
Scalix digital scales, 30kg x 1g capacity.
Avery 1000kg capacity platform scales
Strema M500 pallet wrapping machine, 1500mm dia rotary table
Wilmat WH096CB/H mobile hydraulic lifter, 250kg SWL (1993)
Pelloby floor mounted swing jib, 250kg SWL, electric chain hoist, pendant control
Mountfield 1538M ride on lawnmower, 7 height adjustments (2009)
Funditor roller marking machine
Over 50 lots of bundled bar stock inc: brass, aluminium, stainless steel & Nylon round, hexagon, etc to 64mm
Qty partition office, partition stores, Polstore cabinets, workbenches, storage racks, racking, metal tote bins, tipping skips, oil drip trays, stillage’s, bar stock etc
Qty electrical spares, mechanical spares, pipe fittings, power tools
Qty office furniture / IT equipment inc: meeting suites, pedestal desks, ‘L’ shape work stations, filing cabinets, storage cupboards, upholstered chairs, safes, paper shredders etc
Qty kitchen equipment inc: dishwashers, fridges, hot water boilers, canteen tables & chairs etc

Foundry / Casting:
Laempe LLKFZ10  automated core shooter (modified to produce moulds), 400mm wide belt, 13kW with Laempe VM6.2 core sand mixer, 4kW, s/n 2000 (2001)
Simon Macawber 3/4 blower
4x BBM Weston model 41912 type QJSM21 green sand jolt squeeze machines, 400x300mm box, 6 moulds per machine /hour
British Moulding Machine model V1865 type CTI green sand jolt squeeze machine, 515x380mm & 720x410mm box
Foundry Equipment International 1250mm dia sand mill with airriator, reclaim green sand hopper, auto conveyor feeding 4x hoppers
Inductotherm VIP125 Power Trak twin pot electric furnaces
Inductotherm VIP125R Power Trak twin pot electric furnaces
1200x900mm vibratory shakeout with reclaim conveyor
Russell Lear & Sons attrition unit with CV conveyor, blower unit & extraction
15 ton capacity clean sand hopper with C Lear & Sons pneumatic sand conveyor
Auxiliary reclaim sand hopper 
Carter Environmental dry dust collector
Carter Environmental CEAT1320 wet dust collector (1997)
Pouring station with overhead gantry, manual roller conveyor etc
Fettling Area inc: 3x Creusen, Kango etc double ended grinders / slitting saws
Rowland 16” double ended fettling grinder
400mm dia powered fettling cut off saw
DCE C72-4 K15 dust extraction unit, 11kW (1996)
OMSG 1641 680mm diameter rotary finishing shot blast machine with extraction unit
Doug Booth & Sons 680mm diameter rotary shot blast machine with shot reclaim system & extraction unit