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1200x600x200mm metal work cabinet & 2 door metal s...

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1200x600x200mm metal work cabinet & 2 door metal s...


1200x600x200mm metal work cabinet & 2 door metal storage cupboard, 1220x770x900mm high approx - Lot located at: Marriott Road, Dudley, West Midlands

Auction - Liberty Forges UK

Equipment Located at: Dudley, West Midlands
Production Cells
Cell 1250
Hasenclever FPR355 1250ton screw press, 26x20” bed, s/n 62M149
Bentley mechanical press, 200 ton, 34x32” bed, 18” stroke, s/n G7-208
Cell 1300
Raydne 650kW through feed billet induction furnace, 500 TC1 generator, 2K023 (2000)
Ajax 1300 ton mechanical forging press, 32x32” bed, with top / bottom automatic spray
Wilkins & Mitchell D4852-8 200 ton ring frame mechanical clipping press, 405PM, 48x33” bed
350mm wide air cooled powered belt conveyor
Cell 1600
Massey 350 ton mechanical ring frame flattening press, 55x40” bed
Hasenclever 81M2457 1600 ton screw press, 0-600mm stroke, 34x38” bed, s/n 7913
Cowlishaw Walker S1-600-48-12 mechanical clipping press, 600 ton, 50x47” bed, 12”stroke, 18SPM
Cell 1800
Raydne 500TC1 through feed induction furnace, 650kW output, s/n 97043 (1997)
Massey 1800 ton mechanical press, 42x46” bed with automatic spray unit.
Wilkins & Mitchell G54-54-8 350 ton ring frame mech press, 35SPM, 18” stroke, 53x19” bed, link conveyor
Cell 3
Eumuco RW1 roll forge, s/n 102192
Massey Clearspace 7 CWT power hammer, 127 blows per minute, s/n C1972
Lasco 3 ton hydraulic long travel drop hammer, foot operated, 272 between columns
Massey 300 ton mechanical ring frame clipping press, 56x38” bed
JLS gas fired 2 door oven, 36x40x36” ID
Cell 11
Alphamation Auto billet loader, 48” wide loader
Raydne 350 TR1 through feed induction furnace
Wilkins & Mitchell D48S2-8 200 ton mechanical ring frame flattening press, 47x34” bed
Wilkins & Mitchell G54S4-8 350 ton mechanical ring frame clipping press, 53x39” bed
Lasco KD400 hydraulic drop hammer, 4 ton, foot operated, 29” between columns
Massey Clearspace 10 power hammer, 110 full blows per minute, s/n B11770
Eumuco RW1 roll forge, s/n 82986
Cell 21
4 compartment gas fired bar furnace.
Lasco 2 ton hydraulic drop hammer, foot operated, 500mm between columns (part dismantled for overhaul)
Massey 100 ton mechanical ring frame clipping press, 41x26” bed
Cell 25
Birwelco 600kW – 2.4kHz through feed induction furnace with control
Wilkins & Mitchell L21-C-116 600 ton mechanical ring frame flattening press, 24x26” bed
Lasco 5 ton hydraulic drop hammer, foot operated, Siemens Simatic OP7 control
Wilkins & Mitchell L-6554-10 600 ton mechanical ring frame clipping press, 65x31” bed
Cell 26
Gas fired twin door furnace, 18x18” aperture
Newelco 600kW – 2.4kHz billet through feed induction furnace, 32302hrs
Wilkins & Mitchell L66-S4-10 mechanical ring frame flattening press, 600 ton capacity, 28SPM, 10” stroke, 65x31” bed
Lasco 6 ton hydraulic drop hammer, 34” between columns, foot operated
Wilkins & Mitchell 600 ton mechanical ring frame clipping press (dismantled for overhaul)
24” wide variable speed powered air cooled conveyor
Pressing / Shot Blasting
ErFurt ScPk(I) 800 mechanical cropping press, 800Mp maximum shearing stress, 18 ½” blade length, 20SPM with gas fired furnace & roller conveyor
Wilkins & Mitchell ShearMaster J 500 ton mechanical cropping press with loading station
Forsyth V030 hydraulic press, 30 ton, 20x20” bed, mechanical guards
Bentley 100 ton mechanical screw press, 8” stroke, 26x32” bed, mechanical guards (part dismantled)
Massey 200 ton mechanical ring frame press, 50x34” bed (spares or repair)
Massey 200 ton mechanical ring frame clipping press, 50x34” bed (spares or repair)
M400 shot blast unit, 1100mm wide, front loader, 10309hrs since 2005, with extraction unit
Machine Tools / Small Tooling / Welding
2x Daewoo Puma 240L CNC turning centre, Fanuc i series control, 10 tool turret, tailstock, swarf conveyor, tool setting probe, s/n CT3000653 & CT3000720 (2004)
Asquith ODI 4’6” radial arm drill, 31-830rpm, 42x33” box table
Elliot Progress single spindle pillar drill, 19x15” RF table, 60-1125rpm
Progress 5E single spindle pillar drill, 500mm dia RF table, 58-839rpm
Union 10” double ended grinder.
2x 16” double ended grinder with Spenstead extraction unit
Clarkson tool & cutter grinder, 12x6” capacity, s/n 475
Acmill 2 turret mill, powerfeed, 62-2550rpm, belt head, 48x12” table
Cincinnati Hydro-Tel vertical bed milling machine, 96x28” bed, 2500rpm
Swift 11A heavy duty gap bed lathe, 12” CH x 96” b.c., 22-500rpm, s/n 14210
DSG 24SB heavy duty gap bed capstan lathe, 12” CH, 6 tool turret, 2.5-600rpm
DSG type 25x60 heavy duty gap bed lathe, 12.5” CH x 60” b.c., 7.4-600rpm with Anilam DRO
Colchester Mascot 1600 gap bed lathe, 8 ½” CH x 80” b.c., 20-1600rpm, s/n 7/0205/14130
Colchester Mascot 1600 gap bed lathe, 8 ½” CH x 60” b.c., 20-1600rpm, s/n 7/0004/03392
3x Kasto PBA 320 / 400AU semi automatic saw, 400mm wide conveyor (1977)
72x48” CI surface table. 60x36” CI surface table. Buck & Hickman 72x36” CI surface table
Qty various angle plates, rotary tables, drills, CI cubes, machine vices etc
Miller direct current ARC welding source, 4-440 welding range with Parweld water re-circulating system
Murex Transarc DC305 welder, 300A. Plymouth wall mounted fume extraction unit
Inspection / Laboratory
DEA CMM, 1200x750mm granite bed, 700mm between columns, 450mm under bridge
Struers Discotom-2 abrasive cutting machine. Qty various Marposs gauging etc
Factory Plant / Miscellaneous
Worthington Creyssenac Rollair RLR 4000 AE2 rotary packaged compressor, 318m3/hr, 8 bar, 3000rpm, 30kW with air receiver, 31452hrs (2000)
CompAir Broomwade 6000, model 6075 rotary packaged compressor, 8 bar, 37807 total run hrs, 24713 load hrs with air receiver
Qty various floor mounted air receivers
DCE Unimaster UMA152K5 dust extraction unit, 2.2kW (1998)
Abrasive Developments Ltd ‘Autoflow’ Vaqua processing cabinet, s/n 4028
Demag floor mounted swing jib, 250kg SWL, 8 ft span with Demag electric chain hoist, pendant control
Qty various industrial fans, tipping skips, stillages, wheelie bins, VCI bags, office equipment, die lube, oil drip trays, racking, electrical / mechanical / maintenance spares etc etc.

Equipment Located at: Hartlepool, Cleveland
Production Cells
National Cell
Automatic billet loader with rotary feed unit
Radyne 800 TCV1 through feed induction furnace, 894kW output (1998)
National 822-001 Maxi mechanical forging press, 2500 ton capacity, 44x42” bed, s/n C3 (dismantled for refurb)
Wilkins & Mitchell C54-S54010 ring frame mechanical press, 350 ton capacity, 28SPM, 10” stroke, 53x39” bed with powered transfer conveyor
Voronezh Cell
Radyne 46” wide billet loader
Radyne 1000kva through feed induction furnace
Voronezh KB8544 double rod 2500 ton forging press, 1400x1200mm bed, 350mm stroke, 70SPM, s/n 6 (1998)
Wilkins & Mitchell G54-S-10 ring frame mechanical press, 53x39” bed, 350 ton capacity
12” wide powered conveyor
Northern Combustion in-line gas fired furnace, 6 zones, Honeywell dig temp controllers, 2500mm wide belt
5 ton Hammer Cell
Massey 5 ton mechanical drop hammer, 38” between columns
Massey 450 ton mechanical ring frame clipping press, 62x44” bed
Gas fired batch furnace, 40x20” aperture
Gas fired pusher furnace, twin burner, Eurotherm 2408 temperature controller
Floor mounted swing jib, 10ft span, 250kg SWL, electric chain hoist (2014)
3 ton Hammer Cell
Massey 20cwt Clearspace hammer.
Massey 3 ton mechanical drop hammer.
Northern Combustion Systems gas fired pusher furnace, 850degC, Honeywell temperature controller
Twin door gas fired batch furnace, 24x14” aperture
Massey 350 ton mechanical ring frame press, 56x39” bed, 40SPM, s/n 11/1470
1.5 ton Hammer Cell
Massey 1.5 ton mechanical drop hammer, 21” between columns
Massey 150 ton mechanical ring frame press, 44x30” bed, 50spm, 15kW
Gas fired pusher furnace, 18x18” aperture
Forging / Pressing / Shot Blasting
2x Massey 3 ton drop hammers, 32” between columns
2x Massey 2 ton drop hammers, 21” between columns
Massey Marathon 1/2cwt drop hammer, 18” hammer head
Massey 20cwt mechanical hammer (dismantled)
Wilkins & Mitchell Shearmaster U billet shearing machine, 1200 ton, 10spm, 5.5” stroke, 16” width of blade, 30” width of gap, 8” dia round bar, 7” square billet, s/n 66-2341
Wilkins & Mitchell Shearmaster J 5” mechanical cropping machine with load station & out feed conveyor (part dismantled for overhaul)
350 ton double column friction screw press, 30x20” bed
Massey 450 ton mechanical ring frame press, 62x44” bed
2x Wilkins & Mitchell G54-S4-10 mechanical ring frame presses, 350 ton capacity, 53x39” bed, 10” stroke, 28SPM (spares or repair)
2x Massey 350 ton mechanical ring frame press, 56x39” bed, 40SPM, s/n 11/1469
Danly 60GOBI 60 ton single geared open-fronted inclinable, adjustable power press, 32x20” bed 45spm, 8” stroke, 3” adjustment of slide, 17 ¼” shut height
700mm wide belt shot blast with dust extraction, elevator
Machine Tools / Small Tooling / Welding
4x Daewoo Puma 240LC CNC turning centres, Fanuc Series Oi-TB control, swarf conveyor, 10 tool turret, s/n CT3001016, s/n CT3001042, s/n CT3000901 & s/n CT3000914 (2005)
Schiess Moweg CNC 36” elevating rail vertical borer, Philips CNC 3580 control, 0-320rpm
Webster & Bennett 48” elevating rail vertical borer, 10.5-234rpm, s/n 6836 1 3
Webster & Bennett 36” vertical borer, 7.5-167rpm
Archdale radial arm drill, 60” arm, 35-1500rpm, 50x30” box table
QS QDM 500 single spindle pillar drill, 11x11” RF table, 500-3000rpm
Excel GRB-202 double ended grinder on base. Union 12” heavy duty double ended grinder
10” heavy duty double ended grinder. Ajax 75mm wide linisher
50mm wide twin wheel space saver linisher with Fercell dust extraction unit
Action 50mm wide twin wheel space saver linisher with Mardon MS10013 dust extraction unit, 3HP
2x Cincinnati Hydrotel 28-60 vertical bed mill, 96x28” bed, 52-1300rpm
Cincinnati Vercipower 650-20DK plain horizontal milling machine, 104x25” bed
Swift Summerskill 30SM planing machine, pendant, 6ft stroke, 72x27” bed
6x Kasto (Rivers) automatic horizontal bandsaw, 500mm wide roller feed
Bauer S380 manual horizontal bandsaw, 1.1kW (1998)
MACC TV350 pull down saw, 350mm dia blade (2004)
Midsaw vertical bandsaw, 30x30” table, 36” throat, blade weld attachment
DSG type 21x48” gap bed centre lathe, 21” swing x 48” b.c., 7.5-600rpm
DSG 13-1 centre lathe, 13”swing x 42”b.c, 49-1400rpm
Colchester Triumph 2000 gap bed lathe, 25-2000rpm, 7 ½” CH x 60” b.c., (spares or repair)
Inspection / Laboratory
3x Chatburn-Chantry gas fired rotary hearth forging furnace, twin burners, Honeywell temperature controllers (1986 & 1987)
Gas fired pusher furnace
Hedinair 2 door electric oven, Eurotherm digital temperature controller, 1700x700x1350mm ID
2x Georg Reicherter Briviskop 3000 D Brinell hardness testers, 2.5-10mm
Factory Plant / Miscellaneous / Office
Atlas Copco GA180-VSD rotary packaged compressor, 12.5bar pressure, 2355rpm, 181kW input power (2002)
2x Atlas Copco GA200-FF screw compressor, 7.3 bar max pressure, Elekronikon digital control, 212kW, 1487rpm, s/n AIF 077044 & s/n AIF.077043 (2002) (1x spares or repair)
Atlas Copco FD600 compressor air dryer (2005)
Evapco MOD.VAT-14-66 cooling tower, s/n 15-724787, 2.2kW fan motor (2015)
Safety Kleen 110/2 automatic spray washer, 6kW heating capacity, 730mm dia basket (2003)
2x Charles Chapman 10 ton overhead cranes, twin girder, 18m span approx., pendant control
Mercia 5000kg SWL overhead travelling crane, 12m span approx., pendant control
Clyde Booth 5 ton overhead crane, 12m span approx., pendant control
Demag 125kg SWL floor mounted swing jib, 12ft span approx. with Demag 125kg SWL electric chain hoist, pendant (2007)
Morris girder mounted swing jib, 125kg SWL with Stahl electric chain hoist, pendant control
6x Morris 500kg electric chain hoists, pendant control
Qty various Python etc floor mounted swing jibs
5ft wide aluminium fork truck loading ramp
4x1.1m approx antique mahogany meeting table, 10 seater, wooden framed green leather effect chairs
3600x1200mm maple meeting table. 4x 1360x930mm 8 drawer plan chests
Qty various 4 drawer metal filing cabinets, office desks, cupboards, display cabinets etc
HP DesignJet C7780C 800PS large format printer. OCE 4040 large format scanner
Samsung SF-750 laser fax printer. Panasonic KX-B520 electronic whiteboard, 1550x1060mm
etc etc.