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150mm rack type machine vice - Lot located at: PP...

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150mm rack type machine vice - Lot located at: PP...


150mm rack type machine vice - Lot located at: PP Saleroom, Aunby, Lincolnshire

Auction - January Collective Sale - Engineering

Over 550 lots inc:
Equipment located at: Lowestoft, Suffolk
Machine Tools
Ping Jeng CNC-1040 CNC turret mill, 1200x300mm table, Anilam 1100M control (1997)
Jones & Shipman 540 surface grinder, 18x6" mag chuck
Huron NU4 universal milling machine, 1430x460mm table, 8-1200rpm, Heidenhain DRO (rebuilt Rudolph Carne 1982)
TOS Kurim FNK25A turret mill, 49x11" table, 56-4500rpm, Sony DRO
King Rich KRV200 turret mill, 1260x250mm table, power feed, Acu-Rite DRO, 60-4200rpm (1992)
Midsaw vertical bandsaw, auxiliary table, 30x30" main table, 36" throat, blade weld attachment
Broadbent heavy duty gap bed lathe, 19" CH x 120" b.c., 7-500rpm, Anilam DRO with tooling
Colchester Mastiff 1400 gap bed lathe, 10 1/2" CH x 80" b.c., 18-1400rpm with tooling, s/n 8/0004/01309

Small Tooling / Inspection
Qty small tooling inc: drills, reamers, tool holders, vices, end mills, slot drills, CI cubes, CI surface plates, machine clamps, rotary tables, dividing heads, broaches, taps, dies, Autolocks, chucks etc
Qty inspection equipment inc: dial gauges, vernier calipers, height gauges, letter / number stamps, granite surface plates etc

Sheet Metal / Welding / Pressing
3x Esab Mig4001i mig welder with Esab 3004 wirefeed unit, 400A
Miller SRH 444 DC Arc welder, 450A
Tubela Model 3 floor mounted tube bender. Irwin Hilmor UL223 heavy duty manual pipe bender
Ridgid 2" pipe bender with formers in case. Rotostock 2" pipe threader in case
25 ton capacity Garage press with Enerpac RC256 hydraulic ram, variable height
Jones & Shipman manual column press
Qty various welding screens, torches, gauges etc

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous
250kg SWL mobile A frame, 7ft span with Duke DU-825 electric chain hoist, pendant control
3500x3000mm approx heavy duty A frame. KB 4300 40ft container. Forkable manual cage, 2200x1700mm.
Keyloc PHT HM27 manual pedestrian lift truck, 1000kg capacity (1993)
Brodrene Vestergaard A/S EHS-14 mobile pedestrian lifttruck, 1400kg capacity, 2650mm max lift height (1991)
2x Kemper Filter Master 64120 portable extraction unit, 0.75kW, 1200m3 / hr (2008)
2x Elektra Beckum SPA1100 portable dust extraction unit, 0.37kW, 548m3 / hr
Andrews G260 gas fired factory heater, Andrews G063 gas fired factory heater
Sealey RE97/10c 10 ton body repair kit
Clarke Strong Arm 1000kg capacity engine hoist
ELC RES 7000CM pump, s/n 118148 (unused)
2x Camak 55kW @ 1470rpm motors (packaged & unused)
Qty rubber machine mats, 1500x900mm
Qty maintenance / factory equipment inc: hand tools, 240v / 110v / pneumatic power tools, tressells, bearings, chain hoists, work tables, benches, trolleys, hydraulic pipes, industrial fans, clamps etc
Qty office furniture inc: tables, cupboards, filing cabinets, upholstered chairs etc
HP DesignJet 430 large format office printer. Denford UP 3D printer, 240v (unused). Swordfish 330LR A3 office laminator, 240v.

Equipment located at: PP Saleroom & Various UK Sites
Machine Tools
Gleason 641 G-Plete hypoid spiral bevel gear generator, 16” max gear diameter, 2.6” face width, s/n 782412
Mazak Super Quick Turn 28M CNC turning centre, Mazatrol T Plus control, tail stock, 12 tool turret, tool setting probe, swarf conveyor, s/n 122348 (1996)
Okuma LR15-M CNC turning centre, Okuma OSP5000L-G control, 8 & 10 tool turret, tail stock, swarf conveyor, 4200rpm s/n 6301 0313
Arboga Maskina FR125S radial arm drill, 27x14” RF table, 200-3600rpm
Morris Mor-Speed radial arm drill, 24x18" 'T' slotted table, 42" arm, 75-1500rpm
Qualters & Smith QDM500 twin spindle drill, 500-3000rpm, 900x400mm table
2x Jones & Shipman 1310 universal grinder, 4” CH x 18” b.c.
Studer RM250L cylindrical grinder, 60mm CH x 250mm b.c., s/n 353
Jones & Shipman 1300 cylindrical grinder, swivel internal, 6" CH x 27" b.c. powered head & tailstock, s/n 69107
Jones & Shipman 540P surface grinder, 18x6" mag chuck, powerfeed, extraction 
Elliot RapiGrind 8-20 surface grinder, 18x8” mag chuck
Elliot 1018 precision toolroom grinder, coolant
Jones & Shipman 310 tool & cutter grinder
Masterlap double ended lapping machine on base
Bridgeport turret mill, 42x9” table, powerfeed, Eztrax DX control, 50-3750rpm
TOS FGV-40 universal milling machine, 1600x400mm table, 36-1160 ft / min, pendant (1985)
King Rich KRV200 turret mill, 1260x250mm table, power feed, 60-4200rpm, Goodwin DRO
Chen Ho CHV1500 turret mill, 42x9" table, Powerfeed, 70-4200rpm, Anilam Microwizard DRO s/n 91192 (1992)
Rambaudi VR2 turret milling machine, 42x10” table, powerfeed, imperial dials, 65-600rpm
Midsaw woodworking vertical bandsaw, 700mm throat, 840x760mm table
Startrite H200W horizontal bandsaw (1995)
Jaespa W260 horizontal bandsaw, 3660mm blade length 
Tyro R02.15LAB cutting panel saw, automatic / manual operation (2004)
Invicta 2MR / 4MR horizontal shaper, 11-101SPM, 14x10" CI 'T' slotted cube
Colchester Master 2500 gap bed lathe, 5 ½” CH x 30” b.c., 30-2500rpm
Colchester Student 1800 gap-bed centre lathe, 6.5" CH x 24” b.c., 22-1800rpm, imperial & metric screwcutting gearbox, s/n 4/0002/04092
Harrison M300 centre lathe, 150mm CH x 600mm b.c., 40-2500rpm, imperial & metric screwcutting gearbox
Harrison M300 gap bed lathe, 6” x 24” b.c., 58-1200rpm (spares or repair)
Harrison 16" centre lathe, 16” swing x 40” b.c., 38-600rpm
Boxford 250 Industrial lathe, 125mm CH x 500mm b.c., 1340rpm
DSG 13x30 lathe, 13" swing x 30" b.c., 35-1600rpm

Small Tooling
Large Qty small tooling inc: drills, reamers, tool holders, vices, end mills, slot drills, CI cubes, CI surface plates, machine clamps, rotary tables, dividing heads etc

Sheet Metal / Welding
Euromac MTX1250/30 CNC turret punch, Euromac control, 300kN max pressure, 2220x2260mm table, 5 station head (2002)
HM 818 mechanical corner notcher, 3mm capacity, 200mm long blade.  
Comaca Oleoblitz hydraulic corner notcher.
Edwards manual sheet folder, 40” x 16G capacity.
Nexus NXM400 mig welder with wire feed, 400A
Migatronic Pilot 1500H mig welder
Triangle 'Oil 120' arc welder, single phase
Astonarc 180 oil cooled electric welder / battery charger & boost starter, input volts 240-415-440, welding current 30-180A / 6-12v charge, 1-75A DC, boost start, 240v
Oxford RT 180 oil immersed electric arc welding set, 20-180A welding current, 5.4kva

Inspection / Laboratory
Kilns and Furnaces Crusader SHLME3250 SP shuttle furnace, 1040 x 2540 x 1400mm internal dimensions, 1200degC max temperature with controlled cool facility, twin vertical doors, Bentrup TC M2 controller etc
SWP 300degC electrode oven, 110v / 240v, 450x450mm
Brown & Sharpe Microexcel PFX4.5.4 CMM, 750x560mm granite bed, pendant, Renishaw PH6 probe, s/n 0399-1840 (1999)
Zoller Smile 400 VSM400-00813 vertical tool pre-setter with readout (2005)
Avery 3205 CLE platform scales. Avery 6502 CGB weighing tensile tester, 220lbs capacity
Amsler 6553 tensile tester.  Vickers PBA 6111 wire machine
Vickers hardness tester, 460x200mm table

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous
‘L’ shape freestanding mezzanine floor with handrails & 2x staircases, 26.40x5.00m & 12.85x5.45m approx footprint
Hyster S150 gas forklift truck, 15000lb capacity, double stage mast with forks & jib attachment
Caterpillar V90F gas forklift truck, 9000lb capacity, double stage mast
Ifor Williams twin axle towable trailer, 10x6ft platform area
Ford Transit 90 T350 tipper, Crew cab, MOT, 54reg
MWS LCP1313 digital platform scales, 1350x1350mm platform, 2000kg capacity, Micro 200 Weigh scales
Wheelabrator waste water recycling tank
High static pressure radial blowers fan & High pressure centrifugal fan
Unimaster UMA 252 G5 dust extraction unit.  AJM 64 model 32 comport robotic handler
3x Tefkin, IMI electrically heated paint application barrels
670x330x440mm working envelope shot blast cabinet with Guyson blast gun
Lobo Systems 3 step mobile safety steps, 250kg SWL
Omega 4203/SP attrition unit (2014)
Qty various size metal stackable stillages
Dravo gas fired factory heater, 240v, 130,000Btu / hr output
ITT Reznor XA175, Warmco, Reznor Euro-C 40605 & Ambi-Rad SCA250 gas fired factory heaters
Karcher HDS690 pressure washer. Jet Aire D300-ID200 mobile diesel space heater, 240v.
Rosengrens S120 DIS fire safe computer cabinet (1986). 
Canon IR2270 A3 photocopier. Qty various colour upholstered / plastic office chairs