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Zander Fusion Pro Multi viewer

This item was sold in one of our on-line Auctions / Sales.  We may have similar items available in our forthcoming Auctions, or if you have equipment to sell please contact us for free valuations, advice etc - Tel: 01778 590111 / Email: or please get in touch with us via our contact page

Zander Fusion Pro Multi viewer


Zander Fusion Pro Multi viewer

Auction - BBC TVC - Final Clearance Sale

Final Clearance Sale (Over 600 Lots) -

Stereo Mixing Desks
2x Calrec stereo mixing desks, 6x4ft desk complete with IY3677 etc faders, Qty PQ3653 / BQ3655 fader channel controls, MU4524 & MU4435 monitoring panels, ZN3018 linear power supplies

Electronic / Test Equipment
Qty electronic test equipment inc: HP, Tektronix, Philips, Takeda, Hitachi, Thurlby, Videotek, Rohde & Schwarz etc oscilloscopes, signal analysers, tracking scopes, video measuring sets, AM / FM test receivers, waveform monitor / vectorscope, eprom erasers, generators / sweepers, modulation meters, digital power supplies, Avometer, AC test sets, video noise meters, time code readers, digital multimeters, video measurement set, television generators etc
2x adjustable height anti static workbenches, 1500x800mm

Sundry Equipment / IT / Memorabilia
Qty various Coles, ElectroVoice, AKG, Beyer Dynamic, Sony, Sennheiser etc microphones
Qty various table top ‘on air’ lights
Brown Innovations Localizer II sound dome
Qty Genlec, Edirol, Fostex, Canford, JBL etc speakers
4x various satellite dishes on Vinten stands
Prior Spec fibre optic microscope in case
E130 bench type mono microscope
Watts Unit C engineering microscope in metal case
Xicom TWTA travelling wave tube amplifiers
Qty Penny & Giles midpot rotary potentiometers & linear manual faders
Qty various Andrew Corporation etc waveguides
Elo digital touch screens
Qty Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Thomson, Tascam, Denon, Studer, Technics, Arcam etc Beta Cam SP video cassette players & recorders, digital video cassette recorders, cassette desks, MD decks, MD recorders, CD players / recorders, DVD players / recorders, digital audio recorders, amplifiers, digital radio tuners, etc
Qty mobile storage racks with equipment
Qty Leitch, Wharton analogue master / slave / digital pulse clocks
Qty Yamaha, Pinnacle, Abekas etc stereo / digital mixers
Qty Foundry FastIron 800 / 1500 network switches, Cisco Catalyst 6500-E network chassis, Foundry FastIron managed switches, network server racks etc
Qty Dell, HP, Compaq, APC etc Intel servers, desktop PC’s, UPS’s, Apple G5 PowerMacs etc
Qty Smartboard interactive white boards, digital cameras, camera bodies, flat screen TV’s / monitors, flight cases etc

Rack / Control Room Equipment
Nicral ARC Multimaster slave multiple ISDN controls
Cloud CX335 intelligent compressor / limiters
Canford rack mount monitor
Canopus advanced DV controller
Raritan Paragon KVM switches
Canford twin PPM / scart active rackshelf
Vikinx audio / serial routers
AMX integrated controller
Phonebox GPIO interface
Sony digital reverberator
Fora multiviewers
Rane splitter mixers
Yamaha multi-effects processors
Akai ADC / DAC units
ARM 3000 audio matrix status
Nicral codec systems
Dega PPM loudspeaker & headphone control
Sonifex Quad unbal-bal converters, stereo audio delays
Laird digital expander module
RLS presenter unit
BAL video delay lines
Alpha digital video convertor
Express lighting playback controller
Questech digital pal decoder
RLS source matrix selector
Kramar multi standard processor
Wohler peak meters
RLS multi input headphone amps
Philips sync pulse generator
Dega Avid input select & audio monitor panel
Snell & Wilcox Kudo chassis
BCD audio presenter headphone base station
Marconi pal synchroniser
Vistek pal coder
Tandberg decoders
Sony digital time base corrector
Kramer video processor
Trilogy Mentor Plus digital SPG/TGG
Trilogy Master Mind SPG change over
ATG stereo PPM monitor
Sony camera control unit
Miranda centralised power supply
Sonifex, ARM telephone hybrids
Network Vikinx audio routers
Sonifex Redbox amplifiers
ARC multiple ISDN control
LSC softpatch
Qty Canford, BES Electronics, Olson, Dega etc MDU’s, patch panels etc
VSD sync video slave driver
Snell & Wilcox aspect radio convertor
Avitel time code reader / generator
Evertz time code master
Tektronix audio distribution panels
Rane audio delivery units
Kramer video matrix
Tekniche A-D convertors
BAL modular digital interfaces
Philips camera base station
Audio Design Euro power module
Videotek multi-format monitor
Soniflex Redbox convertor
Black & Burst generator
Drake radio T/B transmitters
Evertz multi frame
Leitch digital drive
Adderview OSD units
Snell & Wilcox digital effects system
Avitel true code processor
Super Dynamic stereo limiter compressor
ATG Broadcast Avid control unit
Sony intelligent drive controller
Vortex Baby Blue codec
Prodys ISDN audio / video compression
T.C. Electronic digital broadcast maximize
Extron cross point switcher
BT TG4030 insertion test signal generator
Standard Agile control access modules
Qty Pro-Bel, Pro-Bel Sirus, Chyron chassis
Stellar IRD integrated decoders etc
Qty Thomson, Tandberg, Alteia, SCT Broadcast, NDS etc receivers, decoders, encoders, satellite / terrestrial receivers
MRG Systems ATP800 / DTP800 databridges, SB80 serial matrix etc