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BHP 406mm wide x1.016t capacity powered decoiler w...

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BHP 406mm wide x1.016t capacity powered decoiler w...


BHP 406mm wide x1.016t capacity powered decoiler with BHP 250x3.2mm loop feed straightener - lot located at: KingsCliffe, Cambridgeshire

Auction - April Collective Sale

Cincinnati Arrow 500 CNC VMC, 700x520mm table, 20 tool ATC, s/n 7042-COO-RE-0007
Jones & Shipman 1094 CNC grinder, 5” CH x 20” b.c., NUM control, Renishaw M15 machine interface, Marposs in process gauging, coolant / filtration, s/n BO13007 (rebuilt 2000)
Jones & Shipman 1096 CNC cylindrical grinder, 5” CH x 24” b.c., Allen Bradley 8200 Series CNC control, Marposs E5 gauging
Bronx 80/30-CNC/VDU CNC pressbrake, 80ton x 3000 x 3.0mm capacity, Bronx Dial a bend control, mkIII infrared curtain, s/n 100186

Machine Tools / Small Tooling
Asquith – Archdale Power Thrust 2PT 14-72 radial arm drill, 72” arm, 80x20” table, 40-2040rpm (1971)
Herke 1/4 mc drilling / tapping machine, 8x8” RF table, 315-950rpm
WMW SU200 cylindrical grinder, 200mm max diameter, 1160x200mm table, s/n 2913
Newall ‘L’ plan cyclindrical grinder with 16” dia wheel - Modified camshaft grinder with Mastercam including Ferrari, BRM, Autounion, Lotus, Maserati etc
Churchill planetary grinder, 80x16” table, belt drive
11x Zipper ZI-HB204 planer & thicknesser, 1250W, 240v, 204mm wide blade (boxed & unused)
Universal grinder with swivel head, internal, 6” CH x 30” b.c.,
Herbert drill grinder, 32mm cap. RJH Grython d/e grinder / drill grinder. 2x Wolf 8" d/e grinder. Aldell 150mm d/e grinder. Marwin 150mm d/e lapper. Samand 7" dia d/e lapper. Herbert powered 5" 3 jaw chuck on base
Herbert 9C/30 capstan lathe, 6 tool turret, 7-600rpm, Anilam Wizard Lathe Series DRO
XYZ 1500v turret mill, 1060x230mm table, powerfeed, 60-4200rpm
Reed Prentice 14” heavy duty lathe, 7” CH x 32” b.c., 22-536rpm with equipment
Startrite H250M horizontal bandsaw, 250mm clamp
Addison CB250A horizontal automatic bandsaw, 250mm cut, 200mm vice, 400mm wide conveyor
8x Zipper ZI-TKS250H table saw, 1.5kW, 240v, 250mm dia blade (boxed & unused)
Messma Kelch tool pre-setter with scope & equipment on Polstore cabinet base
Record No12 bench vice on table. 36x26x24" 'T' slotted CI box table. 32x29x27" CI angle plate
PEG RV550 bench type drill sharpener, 170mm dia wheel, 2800rpm

Qty small tooling inc: drills, taps, dies, end mills, slot drills, collets, vices, chucks, reamers, tool holders, side & face milling cutters, involute gear cutters, rotary tables, CI cubes, steadies, face plates, chucks, collets, mag chucks etc

Qty gear tooling inc: shaper cutters, serration cutters, gear hobs, change wheels, gear testers etc

Pressing / Sheet Metal / Welding / Deburring
Cincinnati Milacron G-75 mechanical press, inclinable, adjustable stoke, 35” slide adjustment, 900x500mm bed, s/n 17751
Muller EXP200REK eccentric mechanical press, 2000kN capacity, 20-140mm stroke adjustment, 900x600mm bed, mechanical guards
Benelli decoiler & straightener, manual / automatic modes, 500mm wide capacity with control panel (1995)
Schuler double arm powered decoiler, 400mm wide capacity with Schuler RM-EL-400 straightener
Atkin double arm powered decoiler, 300mm wide x 910kg capacity with Atkin type 44 straightener, 300mm x 1.6mm capacity
BHP double arm powered decoiler & straightener, 400mm wide capacity, 910kg SWL
Atkin powered decoiler with BHP 250mm x 4.8mm loop feed straightener
BHP powered decoiler, 406mm wide x 1.016 ton capacity with BHP 250mm x 3.2mm loop feed straightener
Dimeco 2350/BM powered decoiler, 350mm wide capacity (1989) with Dimeco straightener (1991)
Atkin type 16 powered decoiler, 0.75kW, 2000kg x 305mm capacity
Atkin type 16 powered decoiler, 0.75kW, 2250kg x 450mm capacity
Atkin MV500 powered decoiler, 200mm wide x 10CWT capacity. Rapid Air RX3A154E powered decoiler
Edwards Pearson 1250mm wide manual guillotine
Rentweld C/5524 oil cooled electric arc welder, 220-400A, 7.5kva.
Macfarlane Thrisk Autopointer, Bosch GGS27L electric deburrer tool

Laboratory / Inspection / NDT
IHE Esab Magnatox 167/1 crack detection unit in enclosure (overhaul 2012)
Lakeshore 1830x1220mm anti vibration table. Photon Control 3000x1220mm anti vibration table
1530x1530mm steel surface plate. Crown Windley grade A 900x600mm granite surface table
1200x1000mm CI surface table. 600x450mm & 600x600mm CI surface plates on stand.
Fel Electric D106 demagnetiser, s/n 1294. Avery 6402 hardness tester.
Johansson Cordimet 700 CMM, 800x500mm table, (last calibrated 03/12 to 03/13) (no controls)
Taylor Hobson Talyrond 3 roundness measuring machine, 800x550mm table (no controls)
Taylor Hobson Talyrond 200 spindle. OMT microscope wooden storage cupboard. 2x Dr Storage X2E-157 dehumidify cabinet

Qty inspection equipment inc: height gauges, micrometers, Vee blocks, slip gauges, surface testers, bore gauges, CI angle plates, CI cubes

7x Trumpf 2020 CNC punch loading pallets.
CAM Radstock A1MK3S cleaning tank, 1000x800mm working area
Turbex AC-13LD front loading parts washer, 850x850mm basket, s/n 4003986
2x Leybold Heareus SogeVac SV180 vacuum pump units, 7.5HP motor
Qty Atlas Copco AirNet 2810 compressed air piping system, 59mm ID, AirNet connectors etc
Moovin Cool 15SFE portable air cooler, 4.4kW cooling capacity (1998)
Gema Volstatic paint spray system with 6x praint spray guns & paint pot
Qty Dexion Speedlock, Link 51 etc heavy duty boltless racking, multishelf to 2700x900mm wide.
Qty pallet racking boards to fit 900mm & 1100mm wide. Qty 2700mm pallet racking cross beams.
Richard Simon automatic bagging machine, 25kg cap, Richard Simon Computapak II controller, s/n 20373
2x Silverson high speed dispersion mixers, 7.5kW with mounting frames, shared hydraulic raise / lower system.
Electro-Tech single bag dust extraction system.
BT Rolatruck electric reach truck, 1600kg capacity, 5.2-6.3m lift height, 2.7m mast height with charger
Hydrovane 23PU air compressor, s/n 17HV207863 with floor type air receiver.
2x container lids, 1450mm diameter. Exide 2100TP battery charger, 48v / 70A output
Flottmann-Werke SDA50A rotary packaged compressor, 7.5 bar, 37kW
UltraFilter UltraTroc SD0375 type 414 air dryer, 16 bar, 0.96kW (1998)
UltraFilter UltraTroc SD0126 type 409 air dryer, 16 bar, 0.40kW (1998)
Portastor mobile tool storage unit, 1400x900x1250mm
3x Polstore type 8 drawer storage cabinets. CAM Radstock floor type engine lift, 152kg SWL.
Qty Bosch, Makita, etc 110v / 240v drills, angle grinders, saws etc
Qty various size Hardigg etc green mobile flight storage cases.
2x Sealey LF145 gas fired space heaters, 26.6 – 43.5kW output
Qty steel round bars to 140mm dia x 3000mm long. Qty metal tote bins to 450x300x200mm
Autonumis JF-842 chilled display cabinet (2005). Mobile s/s chip serving tray, 490x440x150mm ID.
Profi Ice 330 ice maker with Purity 600 water filter. S/s freestanding sink, 1350x500x500mm
Electric double bay pizza oven & Lincat electric stainless steel hot plate, 600mm wide
Chatsworth-Milner Duplextra mk2 safe, 400x400x550mm ID

Office Furniture
Qty Office Perry, Paragon, Albion, Thonet, Senator, OrangeBox, Antocks Lairn, Arper etc upholstered swivel chairs, stackable chairs, meeting chairs etc (to 2008)
Qty Bene 1800x800mm maple office tables (2003)
Qty Wisner Hager etc 1000mm, 1200mm dia meeting tables with Qty Vitra Orange / grey plastic back chairs
Qty 1800x1000mm white top metal frame meeting tables with Qty Albion black upholstered / plastic back chairs
Qty Bisley, Silverline etc various size 2 door storage cupboards, single & twin sliding door storage cupboards etc