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Qty Semco pneumatic sealant guns & spares

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Qty Semco pneumatic sealant guns & spares


Qty Semco pneumatic sealant guns & spares

Auction - Cobham Aviation Services

Aviation Equipment
Deshons Hydraulique DH1855/60 hydraulic servicing car, 225l/mn flow rate, 100-300Psi, 115kva, 90kW motor, 164hrs, s/n F5485 (2011)
2x VES PM3/5 portable humidity / air condition units, speed controllable fan, 300mm dia ducting, DX coiling coil, 5.4kW output, 2.7ltr/hr condenser capacity, 6kW electric heater, 10kg/hr modulating steam humidfier (2011)
2x RH Philips TPS93-00-000 mobile 26 step boarding stairs, adjustable height, towable, hydraulic lift mechanism (2008)
Latchways WinGrip vacuum anchor fall protection system - More details to follow.
RH Philips A330 aircraft towbar.
2x Tiger-Vae SS-55 TC TE5 mobile vacuum cleaner for explosive atmospheres, 45CFM, 15HP, 12.7mm air line (2011)
TBD TW1241-001-00-00 4 wheel towable trailer with Chemidose water filtration system, Macnaught water meter
Oldbury Engineering mobile twin nitrogen rig, high / low pressure (part refurbished 2012)
Bowyer 29001 H edition ‘B’ fuel line inhibiting rig, 40-70 psi.
Taskers TA5032-1 4 wheel canopy pump, 4500psi (2009)
TracTool 4 wheel canopy pump, 4500psi
3x TRAC DH13PM, RAATHO etc mobile oil / fuel pumps

Vehicle / Mobile Plant / Lifting
Ford Ranger 2.5ltr TDCi, white, manual gearbox, 7660 miles (warranted), Truckman unglazed hardtop, Tax 06/13, 2011 (11 reg)
Zelic F1170E electric scissor lift, 500kg SWL, 3 person capacity with charger (2001)
2x Bravisol Leonardo LUI Mini S.I.CE electric platform lift, 180kg SWL, 4900mm max lift height, 24v, built in charger (2010, 2011)
2x Mullins mobile hydraulic platform lift, 600lb SWL, 2500x950mm platform
EKWO 2000kg manual pallet truck (2010)

Maintenance / Workshop Equipment

CFM 31700 industrial hoover, 3kW, 240v (1996)
KES GTR 10kva transformer, 240v input, 110v output
Kendrick foot operated manual guillotine, 900mm with front supports
Einhell BT.BD701 single spindle bench drill, 200x200mm RF table, 200-2450rpm, 240v
Qty PPE / workshop consumables inc: 3M, Miller Revolution, Premier etc, harnesses, medical gloves, kneepads, work trousers, high viz trousers, bibs, over suits, face masks, visor headbands, coveralls, ear defenders, safety specs etc
4x Morclean Pro KAV20W/D wet & dry pneumatic hoovers, 100PSi (2011)
Qty medical equipment inc: eyewash, disposable heat blankets, wound dressing, cleansing wipes, plasters
Aeroflex IFR400 NAV / COMM test set (2011)
Seacom 42A 12/1 ultrasonic test set. Konica Minolta LS-100 luminance meter.
FTI little brute puller unit (2009). Allen M80 illuminated magnifier. Adam LBK3, CBK32 digital scales. Qty Desoutter, Sioux, Dotco, Atlas Copco etc Pneumatic tools inc: drills, grinders, nut runners, angle drills, rivet guns etc
Qty Henry 110v industrial hoovers. Gage Bilt riveting kit. Fowler 150mm & 300mm digital vernier callipers. Mitutoyo surface tester. Qty Fluke 175 true rms multi meter
Qty 110v Clarke transformers, extension leads, mini floodlights, Clarke Cap1 3way Stahl KW2311 110v fire/explosion rated lights
Qty Aggreko CTR300 dehumidifier 240v, 1780W. Qty Night Stick rechargeable intrinsically safe atex torches
Qty Dyanbrade Dynafile II pneumatic belt sander (2012)
Raycherm CV-1983 thermogun, 240v 2300W. Qty Leister Triac S 1600W hot air blower, 110v
Qty Draper tool bags. Qty Dewalt DC742 12v cordless drill drivers. Vsatco professional rivet gun kit
Rayclem ED7003 infrared heat gun. SSC mentor PGD2 portable gas detector unit
Qty Record, Kennedy, Roebuck, Toro, Norbar, Stanley, Tyco etc clamps, river gauge sets, torque wrenches, cable cutters, wire strippers, crimp tools, digital stop watches, thermometers, Allen keys, tape measures, pneumatic engraving tools, gas horns, safety cans etc
Qty Scott safety vision 3 masks, Sabre Flite breathing apparatus, cylinders etc
8x MB50 110v floor type industrial fans
Qty HSS straight shank, step drills, flute drills, dagger drills, long series drills etc to 12mm approx (unused)
Qty various 8-11 drawer mobile tool chest. Qty air hoses.
Qty Kobe floor standing electric fans, 240v. Qty various work benches, tables, wooden platforms etc

Factory Plant / Buildings
2x Denios 4P2-S-VV forkable oil drum stores inc: drip trays, 1250x1100x1300mm ID, 205ltr (2012)
Over 100 bays AR, KH etc heavy duty boltless pallet racking, multishelf, 2700x900mm approx.
Atlas Copco LE9 ‘V’ compressor on 300ltr air receiver, 7.5kW motor, 10 bar
Tennant 5300Fast 24v battery floor cleaner, 1.55kW with charger (2004)
Clarke Vision V battery floor cleaner with charger.
Qty various multishelf mobile storage trolleys, 1200x800mm & 2240x1220mm shelf size
Qty Clarke mobile double storage bin rack with Qty plastic storage bins
Qty TBD 5, 6, 8, 10 & 12 step mobile safety steps, 150kg SWL (2011)
Qty Tubesca 2,4,5 step aluminium safety steps, 150kg SWL (2011)
Qty various wire mesh stores partitioning
Qty Rednal Pneumatics mobile air receivers with multi-way out put, 50ltr, 12 bar (2011)
150+ Elite blue & grey metal personnel lockers
2x Country Cabins 30x10ft jack leg module building, no internal partitions
Country Cabins, 9x9ft metal jack legged modular building
Country Cabins, 9x18ft metal framed jack legged modular building, twin offices
Rollalong 18x9ft metal jack legged modular building

2x Mobile Moffat s/s Bain Marine 1480x680mm approx. with built-in heating units (2011)
Victor MPN10000 heated plate warmer (2011)
Lincat s/s twin deep fat fryer. Angelo PO S/S upright fridge
Qty Bahia blue canteen tables, 1200x700mm & metal frame plastic black chairs (2011)
Sam4S ER-5200m electronic cash register. Matsui glass door display fridge
201M open from door display chiller. Victor S/S tray / utensils unit
Maidaid S/S through feed dish washer. Qty S/S preparation tables, sinks, trolleys, tray trolleys etc
4x Buffalo S/S electric microwaves. Qty various Beko, Icematic etc fridges, vending machines

Office / IT
Meeting room suite inc: 3x 1500x750mm light oak tables, 2x 1500mm semicircle tables & Qty blue upholstered meeting table chairs
Large Qty Morris office furniture, inc: 2000x1200mm L-shaped light oak computer office desks, 3 drawer pedestal units, 1000x400x1200mm light oak book shelves, 100x530x1200mm twin sliding door multi-shelved storage cupboards.
48x Morris light oak 1600x800mm wave effect office desks, 3 draw pedestal units
Qty 1600x1200mm blue upholstered partition screens. 4x blue upholstered reception chairs
Qty office upholstered swivel chairs
1400mm diameter maple meeting table with 5x green upholstered chairs
HP Design jet 510 large format colour printer, individual colour tanks network connectivity, 1100mm wide
Qty BenQ, Sanyo etc overhead projectors, projector screens, white boards etc
100+ Dell, LG, Samsung etc digital LCD monitors to 19”