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4x Wagner plastic paint storage pots, stackable wi...

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4x Wagner plastic paint storage pots, stackable wi...


4x Wagner plastic paint storage pots, stackable with 2x filling heads, 450x400x350mm approx dimensions

Auction - Equipment Formerly Used by Whirlpool

Press / Press Line
Hydrap (Schuler) 5 press hydraulic transfer line comprising: 1x 4000kN (HPD2B400) & 4x 3150kN (HPD23315) twin action presses (Part Rebuilt 2009), 20SPM, magnetic conveyor, transfer stations, sheet feed & unload, full guarding, Siemens S5 & S7 control 
Benelli PMT/3D/1000/5/10002P 5 station transfer press, 10,000kN, left side punching, right side cutting, 5100x1300mm bed size, 12-26SPM  with de-coiler & blanking station (1987)
Weingarten HD400 4000kN hydraulic press with de-coiler, straightener & scrap conveyor, soundproof cabinet, 20-80SPM, 20-200mm adjustment, 70x60ā€ bed, upgraded to Siemens S7 control
Weingarten HUQ-315 3150kN hydraulic transfer press with de-coiler, straightener & scrap conveyor, 10-80SPM, 30-200mm adjustment, upgraded to Siemens S7 control (1987)

Process Lines
Meccanica Beretta cabinet side panel line: 130-150kW, 24vDC ā€“ 220vAC with Siemens S7 control (2001) inc: Overhead loader, 1080x685x0.88mm sheet feed, 200ton hydraulic 4 post press, adjustable width, 2x cutting stations, multi punching station, left & right 3 punch station, transfer station, 2x folding stations, 2x edging stations, 4x folding stations, 800mm wide unload conveyor.
Sares cabinet assembly line (clinching not spot welding), Siemens S7 control (2001) inc: twin loading conveyor for 4 base sections, Tox assembly fixture, press nut fixing station, bending station, side panel left & right loading station, ā€˜Uā€™ strut strengthening station, left & right suction loading station, 4x Tox stations.

Complete Paint Facility inc:
Wagner 313127 electrostatic powder spray booth, 1500x1400mm aperture, Wagner DI control system & twin gun with built in extraction (2002) 
1250x900mm aperture plastic electrostatic powder spray booth, Wagner 3157712 twin 4 gun reciprocating station with hopper, 7x6.5m approx footprint. 
1500x1350mm aperture plastic electrostatic powder spray booth, Wagner 3157712 twin 4 gun reciprocating station with hopper, 8x7m approx footprint. 
Herding HSL1500-18-20/18.SB+FBZ extraction unit, 137.5m2 filter, 1500m3/h (2000)
MSE KFP63040/30-25k-HDZ hydraulic horizontal mud press, 380bar max pressure (2000)
Mathis stainless steel particle separation tank, 14m3 max volume, 6.5x2.0x2.8m (2000)
Buderus SK715/125 gas fire boiler, 120degC, 1070ltr (1991). Eisenmann control & ultra filtration unit.
Aproachim A10/FFT pressure band filter, Siemens OP7 control, 2 bar max pressure, 75degC (2001)
Eisenmann water dryer, 180degC temp, 420kW (2000)
Eisenmann stainless steel pre treatment inc: 2x degreasing zones, 2x rinsing zones, phosphating zone, rinse zone, Passivation zone, de-ionised water rinse zone (1994)
Eisenmann water drop off station, 28m/s, 4500m3/h. Herding twin bag extraction unit.
Eisenmann pre cure & final drying oven. 7x Wagner Itep paint pumping stations. Qty Wagner paint pots.
Wagner Compact 400 extraction unit, Scheuch control. Qty various spares inc: pumps, motors, belts etc

Misclleaneous Equipment
Wenzel X3M LH108 CMM, 2600x1450mm bed, 1300mm between columns, 1050mm under bridge, pendant control, Wenzel Metrashaw 3.10 software, Renishaw PH10M probe, PHC10-2 probe head controller, PI200 probe interface, ISI-2 interface selector, OP16 optical trigger probe interface, PC & monitor (2006)
Rweise SAT-111-C packing machine with Norsden vacuum pump & belt conveyor (2007)
BVM Compacta Trend 5015 bagging machine with belt conveyor & Expresso lift & drive 70 loader (2001)
2x Kuka 6 axis robot with control cabinet & pendant (2002)
8x Rowe 600mm belt conveyor, free standing (2006 & 2008)
2x Weber ZEB242 4 station parts feeders, SOR3 control (2004)
4x Stahl, Hochshost etc 10ton twin girder overhead crane, 20m approx span, pendant control
Alto SQ850 WAP technology industrial hoover. Linde 1000kg Hi-Lift manual pallet truck