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Nortel Networks telephone system with 1x NTDK23BA,...

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Nortel Networks telephone system with 1x NTDK23BA,...


Nortel Networks telephone system with 1x NTDK23BA, 3x NT8D02GA, 3x NT5K02QC, 1x NT5K19AC, 1x NT6D70BA, 1x NT5K18AB, 1x NTDK20FA, 1x NTBK50AA, 1x NTAD02EA, 1x NTBK22AA, 1x NTRH30AA, Plug in cards & Qty various Nortel networks telephones (2003)

Auction - Weilburger Coatings (UK) Limited

Paint Equipment inc: Paint Mixers, Paddle Mixers, Ball Mixers, Bead Mixers, Bead Mills, Mixing Tanks, Mobile Pots, Ovens, Flameproof Ligting etc.
Laboratory & Test Equipment inc: Glassware, Cabinets, Sample Mixers, Mills, Agitators, Evapourator Coater, Ovens, Spray Tunnel / Booth, etc.
Contents of Office Building, Canteen, Medical Room, Locker Room, etc.
Factory Plant / Maintenance inc: Gas Boilers, Hot Air Boilers, Generator, De-Ionised Water System, UPS, Maintenance Machinery & Stores, Mobile Pots, Tipping Skips, IBC's, Stillages, Racking, Flameproof Lighting, Extraction, etc.