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Aircraft Management (London) Ltd

On-Line Auction Sale (Thursday 30th November 2023)



Blewbury, Didcot, Oxfordshire

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Virtual / Physical VIEWING: Tuesday 28th November 2023 - by appointment only

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Opens - Thursday 16th November 2023
Closes - Thursday 30th November starting from 10am

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XYZ Proturn VL355 CNC lathe, 355mm swing x 1000mm b.c., Proto Trak VL control, 50-4000rpm (2005)
XYZ SM5000 CNC vertical mill, Proto Trak SMX control, 1940x350mm table (2017)
XYZ SMX 5000 CNC vertical mill, Proto Trak SMX control, 1940x360mm table (2007)
King Rich Pro 3000 vertical mill, Proto Trak MX2 control (refurb 2019), KRV3000 SLV, 1460x300mm table, 70-3600rpm (1998)

Ajax heavy duty single spindle pillar drill, 16x16" RF table, 62-964rpm
Pollard 150A/1 single spindle pillar drill, 113-1460rpm, 16x13" RF table
Fobco Star single spindle bench drill, 9x9" RF table, 475-4260rpm
Belt head single spindle bench drill, 11x10" RF table
Gryphon tool & cutter grinder on cabinet base
Brierley T6-10 double ended grinder on base, 250mm dia wheel
50mm vertical belt linisher. Superior double ended polisher. IBM 75mm horizontal linisher
Newmay single wheel powered lapping machine. 100mm wide horizontal belt linisher
Thiel duplex 159 horizontal milling machine, 40-2000rpm, 800x400mm table, Mini Wizard DRO
MED Shark 281 horizontal bandsaw, 200mm clamp
Axminster horizontal bandsaw

Startrite 20v vertical bandsaw, 20" throat, 520x520mm table
Hardinge super precision lathe, 125-3000rpm, DRO II-2LD DRO with tooling
CMT Tortona Ursus 250 gap bed lathe, Newall DRO, 9" CH x 80" b.c., 35-1500rpm, 4" bore, collet chuck

Qty small tooling / inspection equipment inc: drills, collets, tool holders, parallels, clamps, vices, taps, end mills, bore gauges, dial gauges, tips, turning tools, slot drills, Vee blocks, machine clamps etc etc
900x900mm CI surface table with machine tapping articulated arm tapper
Qty multi drawer cabinets, cupboards with tooling
2x CI tables, etc

Promecam RG-2000-50 pressbrake, 50 ton capacity, 2000mm long bed with Hurco Autobend control, Qty tooling
Edwards ES roller pyramid manual rolls, 40x2" cap
Norton 7T heavy duty flypress on base
Edwards Trucut 3.25/1250/DD power guillotine, 3.25x1250mm capacity, front supports, back gauge  
Pierce All punch, 2000x800mm table with tooling
CE AIR 15 suspended spot welders & similar spot welder
Sealey 200 XT power welder
Kingsland Vari 22016 foot operated corner notcher (1999)
Similar adjustable angle corner notcher
Cooksley planer thicknesser. Multico K powered morticer
Dewalt powered cross cut saw

Sealey SB951 shot blast cabinet, table top (2014)
Pramac GX10/16 GEL UK electric pallet lift truck, 1000kg capacity (2006)
Kranzle 2160 TST pressure washer. Hydrovane Compressor

Qty various multi drawer cabinets, contents of cupboards, power tools, bar racks / bar stock, table clamps etc
Gressex manual tap, 16x12" table

Qty tool cupboards, multidrawer cabinets
Avery Type 3303 50kg cap platform scales
Nilfisk swarf collector, etc.

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