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September Collective Sale

On-Line Auction Sale (Thursday 7th September 2023)



PP Saleroom, Aunby & Henley-on-Thames

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Virtual / Physical VIEWING: Tuesday 5th September 2023 - by appointment only

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Opens - Friday 25th August 2023
Closes - Thursday 7th September starting from 9am

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Over 900 Lots of high quality Broadcast / Electronic Test including:
2x Unipro Gbis DSL tester. Acterna EDT-135 E1 & data tester with PSU. JDSU 6000 AV2 fibre optic testing platform with PSU. 6x Wandel & Golterman WG OLP-15B optical power meters. JDSU TB6000A fibre optic testing platform. Cross Match Technologies LS7 Lite-Ue live scanner. Agilent G7167-60101 Infinity II sample thermostat (boxed). G.A.S Revolution silenced V2 200EC fan. 3x Kingfisher K127010-ING-APC optical loss test set in case. Hawk Sultan 234 integral acoustic wave level transmitter (2022). 2x Exfo fibre basix EPM-50 power meter. Exfo QST-50C module. 12x Narda Alert S3 2270/01 main frames personal monitors. Kurth Electronic KE3500 XDSL multitester with equipment. 2x Sunrise Telecom sunset MTT handset. 3x Unipro Gbis DSL tester. JDSU W1314B-E15 8 band receiver. UMTS Projects SPAA-05 satellite positioning antenna alignment equipment. 2x Cisco Systems Catalyst 4507R frame. Flann Microwave 15110 & 14110 rotary precision attenuator. 2x HP 37717C communications performance analyser. 2x Anritsu MP1570A sonet / SDH / PDH / ATM analyser. Fujikura 12s fusion splicer. View 5 Pro arc fusion splicer. Exfo IQ-203 optical test system. Exfo IQ-206 expansion unit. 6x JDSU Power Chek optical power meter. 2x JDSU QT-600-02 ethernet test head. JDSU T-Berd 6000 & 3x JDSU MTS 6000 fibre optic testing platform. Westover ZO-HDE-9020 fibre microscope. JDSU Viavi MAP-200 multiple application platform (2019). Agilent E8401A VXI mainframe. Aeroflex TM500 test mobile. JDSU ONT-506 optical network tester. Kurth Electronic KE3600 XDSL handheld multitester. 2x Li204SX Li-ion batteries.

Snell Sirius 64x64 3G HD router frame. Grass Valley MV-825-RTR-12G 48x48 router with 6 dual head MV / 12G SFP. Grass Valley Masterpiece IP mixer. 2x Blackmagic Design 72x72 3G router. 2x Blackmagic Design 32x32 3G router. Blackmagic Design 40x40 12G router. Qty test & measurement tools inc: Phabrix QX, Phabrix SXE, Tektronix WFM2300 Portable WFM monitor. Tektronix WFM700A HD waveform monitor. Tektronix SPG8000A Master Sync / Master clock reference generator.

TV Logic LUM-240G 24” 4k monitor. Flanders Scientific LM-2461W 24” broadcast LCD monitor. Qty various Snell Kahuna 9600, 360, 360 Compact frames with various plug in cards. Qty Various Vistek 3RU, ProBel Sirius 600, ProBel Aurora, SAM Vega, Snell Vega, Snell IQ Modular, Snell Vega IQ, Grass Valley IQ Modular etc frames with various plug in cards. SAM mixer panel modules. 30x SAM 40-09479 1GB Kahuna memory modules. 12x SAM 432TST1X VEGA432 TES board. Qty SAM MV-850, MV-830, MV-820, MV-825, MV-831, MV-801 multiviewer process cards. 5x Grass Valley 771-0574-02 AA S3 Front Interconnect, 42x BVM 953-10316 SCSI cards, 8 Trays HRPG-ASCA-56R rotary encoder. Grass Valley 1032-100G 32 port switch. Cisco Catalyst 6509E switch.

Allen & Heath inc: iLive-T112 Surface controller with soft cover, 2x LED Lights Inc 5* Touring flight case. IDR48 Mixrack & IDR32 Mixrack with IPS10 Redundant PSU in flight case. ME-U 10 Port Hub. 4x RX 115/75 Speakers in flight case, 2x RX118 subs on wheel boards. 2x P3000 power Amps. 6x Sennheiser ASA 1 antenna splitter, PSU, cables, 500-870MHz range. Lustraphone VR53 vintage ribbon microphone. STC 4032G microphone. Qty DPA 4061-FM miniature omnidirectional microphones. AKG C747 microphones. SQN B/O mixer cable.

5x Christie HD10K-M / Mirage HD10K-M projectors in flight cases (to 2012) with Qty Christie M Series 1.4 - 1.81, M Series 0.67:1, M Series 1.8-2.6:1, Series 2.6-4.1:1, M Series 6.9-10:1, M Series 4.1-6.9:1, M Series 1.16-1.48 lenses in flight cases
Avolites Art 2000 power cube, 16 pin Socapex outlets in mobile transit case.

Rolec RT1 RDS receiver. Denon TU-260L precision audio component AM-FM stereo tuner. SmartView Pro KVM switch. PhoneBox GP10 interface. Betacam SP audio interface. Nicral Nica 128 dual audio codec, apt-x100. 2x Robert Leacroft control line & relay unit. Belar AS-1 audio sentry unit. Vortex Communications rack type frame inc: 4x CH-2012 amplifier modules. Audionics Ability AS2. Audionics remote matrix. Audionics rack type chassis inc: 8x 1622 input modules. Audionics Series 4 mixer console, 14 channel with cables, 3x Audionics rack type chassis inc: 14x 1272 line input modules, 1276 talkback, 1273 monitor, 1275 CF, 1129 output modules, Audionics Ability AS1, Audionics power supply etc with cables & manual. Audionics Ability AS2. Pulse Black plastic transit case. 4x Kino Flow flathead 80 studio light with 2x BAL-415 ballast, mounting bracket. Kino Flow image 80/85 DMW studio light on bracket. Kinoton FP40D digital cinema projector. Snom 760 IP phones. DigiDesign D-Command mixing console, 8 faders, PSU etc (2001) on Grey / light oak effect 3 section curved mixing desk 2500x100mm. Samsung UE32J5100AK LCD TV, bracket & remote. Qty various Kanex C247DL dual link to Apple cinema display, Apple MC8ZMB HDMI-HDMI cable (unused), Apple 10W USB power adapter, 240v cable, 2x protector pouches etc. Avid Nitris DX AVC-Intra model 7020-30008-XX external hardware accelerator. Oak / white effect studio creative edit desk, 2900x930mm (ID:0003) (dismantled). U shape oak / black effect audio studio desk, 3000x1000mm (ID:0011) (dismantled). Tascam ES-50 synchroniser, Tascam ES-51 control unit. Nikon SB-25 camera speed light. Netto 900mm cooker hood (boxed & unused). Ferguson reel to reel recorder in wooden enclosure (vintage). Grundig TK46 & TK30 reel to reel stereo recorder in carry case (vintage). Philips 4307 & 4308 reel to reel audio recorder, 4 track (vintage). 4x Yoga C-4U USB-phone plug leads, 1x Yoga C-4U USB-XLR lead (unused). Philips N8206 microphone, Grundig GDM312 microphone (vintage). Pulse PM580 dynamic vocal microphone. Philips N2220 & NN2205 cassette recorder, PYE 9115 cassette recorder (vintage) etc

HP, Kikusui, 3M, Narda, Solartron, Else, Marconi, Thandar, Ferranti, Fluke, Schlumberger, Agilent, Racal, Microwave, Gearing & Watson, Systron & Donner, Philips, Milmega, Waugh, Chessell, Keithley, Seaward, Levell, Farnell, Anritsu, Scientific Atlanta, Bofa, TTC, Sullivan, Kenwood, Terra Universal, Gedore, Comark, LEM, Cossor, Sony, Hatfield, Wavetek, Robin, Megger, Realistic, Druck, Maury Microwave, California Microwave, Flann, Tinsley, Cropico, Telonic Berkeley, Else, Toshiba, Thales, Iwatsu, Ameritec, Lucius & Baer, Olympus, Dranetz, APC, Weller, Lucas, IFR, Astro, Avcom, Singer, Beamex, TTI, Hameg, Pickering, Racal Dana, Panasonic, EM Systems, Kepco etc.

Auto synthesiser, jitter meters, fiber optic power meters, optical attenuators, panoramic field strength meters, electromagnetic radiation monitors, signalling test sets, synthesized signal generators, electronic load, microprocessor voltmeters, pattern generators, PSU’s, data acquisition / control units, signal sources, frequency meters, pulse generators, P/Agilent 34401A ASC kits, earth bonding testers, HF drive units, digital line monitors, logic analysers, synco simulators, LAN probes, frequency microwave counters, mac generators, LF synthesizer, RF linear power amp, oscilloscope calibrators, chart recorders, power sweep generators, digital multimeters, PAT testers, hotplates, power meters, positioner programmers, fume extractors, bus analysers, oscilloscopes, temperature meter, terminal test set, digital thermometer, oscilloscopes, comms analysers, cable fault locators, attenuators, current meters, data error analysers, transmission line test heads, loop testers, AC voltmeters, modulators, frequency converters, sweep oscillators, digital PSC loop testers, hot tweezers, pressure indicators, tunable RF bandpass filters, microwave receivers, arbitrary waveform generators, network analysers, precision terminations, gunn oscillators, high input impedance amplifiers, impedance stabilisation networks, VXI mainframes, VXI cards, aluminium flight cases, high current adapters, microwave amplifiers, professional monitors, microwave leakage testers, differential probes, high current transformer probes, ultrasonic thickness gauges, personal VF test sets, earth testers, borescope, gas analysers & loggers, test sets, electric power demand analysers, UPS’s, directional couplers, IC’s, transistors, resistors, de-solder station, spectrum analysers, frequency extenders, digital communications analyser, synthesised level generators, distortion meters, mobile radio test sets, universal wireless thermocouple connectors, laser energy meters, microwave amps, projectors, horn antennas, wideband precision calibrators, Isotropic E-field probes, flexible test port cables, video enhancers, temperature calibrators, SMA cables, test cables, sound level meters, PXI mainframes, protocol testers, programmable power sources, distortion meters, universal counter timers, S-parameter test sets, millivoltmeters, EIN-to-EIN cables, multiprogrammer extenders, BTS test systems, mains power boards, Vacuum gauge work bench, miscellaneous computer equipment inc: monitors, processors, printers, hubs, cables etc. Nikon Metaphot microscope with Nikon transformer. Bofa System 250 fume extractor with pipes. Olympus K17-18-90-62 borescope in case. Else MSU- 055-S-M mains supply units, etc etc.

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