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The Estate of David Hughes

On-Line Auction Sale (Friday 28th July 2023)



PP Saleroom, Aunby, Lincolnshire

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Virtual / Physical VIEWING: Tuesday 25th July 2023 - by appointment only

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Opens - Monday 10th July 2023
Closes - Friday 28th July starting from 10am

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Over 250 lots of Broadcast / Studio equipment moved for the convenience of sale:-
DBX 1066 compressor / limiter / gate. Tascam 122 MKII cassette recorder
Tascam DA-30 MKII DAT recorder. Tascam 122 MKII cassette recorder
Tascam 112 cassette recorder. Soniflex Redbox RB-DAC1 digital-analogue converter
Soniflex Redbox RB-BL2 balanced / unbal converter
Qty Tascam DX-2D DBX & Tascam DX-4D professional noise reduction system
Tascam DA-60 digital audio tape recorder. Soniflex Redbox RB-HD1 headphone amp
Soniflex Redbox RB-ADDA A to D & D to A converter. Tascam DA-30 MKII DAT recorder (spares or repair)
Yamaha P1600 EE engine power amplifier. Riello rack type UPS
Tascam ES-50 synchroniser, Tascam ES-51 control unit. 2x Canford Audio mkII Pro interface
Canford Audio rack type amplifier. DBX 223 stereo 2-way / mono 3 way crossover
Yamaha GC2020C comp / limiter. Akai ME30PII midi programmable patch bay
XRi Systems XR300 MTC professional midi time code & smpte synchronisation system
Yamaha P2040 power amplifier. 5x various 48 way patch system
Teac X-10 reel to reel recorder, Teac DX-2A DBX unit
Akai GX-4000D reel to reel recorder (glass + X'TAL ferrite head)
Teac X-3 reel to reel recorder. Tandberg Cross Field 3600XD & 3000X Series reel to reel recorders
Sony TC-366 solid state three head stereo tapecorder
Tascam BR-20 reel to reel recorder / reproducer (missing head cover)
Revox PR99 mkIII reel to reel tape recorder. Tascam 38 reel to reel recorder / reproducer, 8ch
Teac A-3440 reel to reel recorder / reproducer, 4ch, Teac RX-9 DBX unit
Pair Ruark Acoustics templar loudspeakers, s/n 21261 (boxed)
Pair Wharfedale Linton XP2 speakers, 35W, 6ohms. Pair JBL 4410 studio monitor speakers
Technics SH-4020 audio timer, ST-G90L stereo tuner, ST-GT1000 digital audio broadcasting tuner
Technics SJ-MD150 mini disc deck. Technics RS-DC10 digital compact cassette deck. DBX 200X program route selector. Pioneer TX-408L stereo tuner, Technics ST-S4L FM/MW/LW stereo tuner, Technics M228X stereo cassette deck DBX 21 disc / tape decoder. Quad FM4 tuner, Quad 34 control unit
Technics SU-C800U stereo control amp, Technics RS-B605 stereo cassette deck
Technics RS-A27 stereo cassette deck, Technics SA-GX230D AV control stereo receiver, Technics SU-V6O stereo integrated amp. JBL Control Sub6 subwoofer & amp
Pair JBL 4208 & Pair JBL 4206 monitor speakers, 75W, 8ohms. Sanyo DCA200 stereo amplifier
Denon TU-1800DAB AM FM stereo DAB tuner, Sony SLV-SE740 video cassette recorder
Sony DVP-NS700V SACD/DVD player, Sony RDR-HX510 DVD recorder
Technics SH-8045 stereo graphic equaliser, Technics SU-C800U stereo control amplifier, Technics SL-PS900 compact disc player, Technics ST-GT1000 broadcasting tuner, Technics M265X stereo cassette deck
2x Technics SE-A800S stereo power amplifier. HSN DA116 digital avo meter
Qty Avo Avometers. Tektronix TDS 224 digital real time oscilloscope. Solartron 7150 digital multimeter
TTi TA320S logic analyser, 32ch. TTi TSA1000 spectrum analyser adaptor, 1GHz
Thurlby Thandar TF830 universal counter, 1.3GHz
TTi 1906 computing multimeter. Racal Dana 9904M counter timer
Leader LMV-186A AC millivoltmeter, 2ch. Farnell LS60-5 autoranging power supply
TTi PL320 power supply, 32v-3A. Thandar TS1410 power supply, 14v-10A
Chauvin Arnoux MN39 current clamp meter (boxed)
Qty various scope probes inc: HP 10:1 voltage divider, probes etc in case
Thurlby LA160 logic analyser. 2x Thurlby LE32 thirty two channel extender modules
Leader LFM-3610 wow & flutter meter
Charles Owen fermentation temperature controller
TTi TG330 function generator. IsoTech IGC-2230 generator counter
Black Star 3332 logic analyser, 32ch. Harris TS22ALO speakerphone, datalock, override
Philips PM 5715 pulse generator, 1Hz-50MHz
Leader LMV-181A AC millivoltmeter. Leader LAG-120B audio generator
Thurlby PL154 power supply. Thandar TG502 sweep / function generator, 5MHz
Leader LMV-181A AC millivoltmeter. FBE-11 VHS bulk eraser
TTi TG1304 programmable function generator. TTi TG1010 programmable DDS function generator, 10MHz
4x various radios inc: Hitachi Transistor, Philips D-2225, Grundig YB-P2000, Pure Elan DAB, Fidelity RAD23,  Hacker Sovereign III FP.72MB.   
Weir 400 voltmeter. Weir 423D voltmeter. Farnell B30/10 power supplyShibasoku AD986A automatic distortion meter, 2ch. Thurlby LA4800 logic analyser
Thurlby Thandar PL154 power supply, 15v-4A. Tektronix 2213A oscilloscope, 60MHzEnertec 4431 programmable function generator. Gould 1425 digital storage, 20MHz, Gould 125 waveform processor. IsoTech IDM 205RMS digital voltmeter. Philips PM6671 high resolution timer / counter
Fluke 8840A multimeter. RS 424-096 C-MOS logic probe in case, RS 423-942 TTL logic probe in case
7x various lengths Van Damme loud speaker cable with Speakon connectors
Canford rack mount DAT rack, Canford rack mount blanking panel (boxed & unused)
2x Alice Match Pak IHF-Pro interface units. Pair JBL control 1G speakers
JBL Control 1 & 1G speakers. Teac AX-20 mix-down panel, 2x RS 612-221 SWR+ power meters, 1.8-200MHz
Eagle International TT.145 transistor / diode tester (boxed)
Qty various inc: snarling dogs chord computer, Akai GCF1 guitar chord finder, electric guitar string sets
Qty various colour microphone covers, blue, green, red etc
Hanna HI 9025 micro computer PH meter in case. Canford line isolating unit, connection boxes, extruder box
Qty various Pulse PLSP00015 mic stand (boxed), AKG SA40 mic stand, various mic clips etc
Pulse 2S mini-mix line mixer, MCM custom 50-7240 line level to phone input adaptor
Pair B&W 600 series speakers. Pair JBL Control 5 speakers
Homemade speakers & subwoofer in 2 enclosures. JBL MR centre speaker (no front cover)
Annis audio / video hand-D-kit double ended probe demagnetiser, 240v (boxed)
Weir Cliffe BTE2 hand held eraser, 240v (boxed). Tascam RC-D6 remote control unit
Grundig YB500 world receiver with PSU in 2 cases. IowePro camera bag, similar camera bag
Nikon SB-25 camera speed light. Nikon AF Nikkor 24mm lens. Nikon AF Nikkor 85mm camera lens
Qty various Hoya, B&W lens filters
Qty various spares inc: Teac sensors, pick up arms, motors, bulbs, springs, KVM cables, cable tags etc
Qty various Nikon lens caps, camera stand, cables etc. Nikon AF Nikkor 35-70mm camera lens
Cosina 3.5-22mm camera lens. Nikon AF Nikkor 70-210mm camera lens
Noctovist MKII binoculars, 8x30 in leather effect case
Pentacon Praktica LTL3 camera with SunPak auto 33 flash unit in leather effect carry case
Nikon D700 digital camera, Nikon SB-24 speedlight
Nikon F4 digital camera, Nikon MB-23 power unit, Nikon SB-600 speedlight, Nikon ED AF Nikkor 80-200mm lens etc
Nikon F-800 digital camera, Nikon SB-24 speedlight. Pentacon Praktica LTL camera, Canon camera
Large Qty various magnetic tapes inc: Philips, Emtec, Scotch etc
Quick Lok Systems keyboard stand. Netto 900mm cooker hood (boxed & unused)
Tascam M-2600/24 mixing console, Teac RC-170 remote control
Technics SL-DD33 automatic turntable, Technics RS-BX501 stereo cassette deck, Technics SU-V40 stereo amplifier in Stand Easy black component rack, 540x1100mm
Aphex Easyrider 108 automatic compressor. Aphex 109 parametric equaliser
Drawmer DL241 dual auto compressor. 2x Aphex 104 aural exciter type C2 with big bottom
Sony DPS-V55M multi effect processor. Lexicon Reflex dynamic midi reverberator
DBX Project 1 266 compressor gate. Akai SG01V vintage sound module
Akai SG01P piano sound module. XRi Systems XR300 MTC professional midi time code & smpte synchronisation system. Akai CD3000XL stereo CD-Rom sampler
Stand Easy black component rack, 540x900mm. Nakamichi 1A-4S integrated amplifier
Teac E-3 head demagnetiser with equipment in case. Philips N2205 cassette recorder
Hanna H92804C k-thermocouple logging thermometer in carry case
Lucas CEL-254 digital impulse sound level meter, CEL-282 acoustical calibrator in carry case
Uher 4000 report monitor. Philips N4307 reel to reel tape recorder, 4 track
Philips 4307 reel to reel tape recorder, 4 track. Cossor CR1620/00 all transistor reel to reel portable recorder, battery operated. Philips FL3586/15 all transistor reel to reel portable recorder, battery operated. Grundig TK2200 reel to reel recorder. Cossor CR1603/00 reel to reel recorder. Ferguson reel to reel recorder in wooden enclosure. Philips 4302 reel to reel tape recorder. Teac 2A audio mixing console.
Teac 2A audio mixing console with Teac MB-20 meter bridge. Tascam M-30 audio mixing console.
Philips (Boots Audio) record player with speakers.
Akai 4000DS reel to reel stereo tape deck. Grundig TK46 reel to reel stereo recorder. Philips 4408 reel to reel stereo recorder. Grundig TK30 reel to reel stereo recorder. Philips B5G64A valve radio.
Various cables inc: Canford MCS-E4, Van Damme 268-308 video coax, VDC LC-OFC HD S-Video, Van Damme 268-018 patch, 267-011, 268-500 audio, HSP2 Canford etc
Philips 4307 & Philips 4308 reel to reel audio recorders, 4 track.
Marconi 4216 MarconiPhone reel to reel tape recorder. Grundig TK121 reel to reel tape recorder.
Akai 4000DS reel to reel stereo tape deck. 2x Akai DC-44 dust covers (unused)
Grundig TK 146 & TK 149 reel to reel tape recorders.
4x Yoga C-4U USB-phone plug leads, 1x Yoga C-4U USB-XLR lead (unused)
12x Pulse midi leads inc: PLS00168, PLS00169 (unused)
2x Pro-Signal phono (RCA) plug to plug leads, 2x Soundlab DIN leads, Yoga AD-200 USB dongle, Bandridge HDMI 24k gold lead. Dell PPX laptop in case, Dell TS30H laptop in case, Texas Extensa 560CD laptop in case
Rexel Acco WB706E flowline electric binder, large long reach stapler (boxed), A4 paper guillotine
HP CP5225 colour laser jet printer. Boots TH150A slide projector.
Qty various cables inc: Van Damme patch cable on reels, Van Damme 268-504 loudspeaker cable
4x various Philips microphones inc: N8200, N8209, N8210
AKG D190C microphone in case. Grundig GDM 313 with stand in case  
Philips N8206 microphone, Grundig GDM312 microphone
2x Philips N8307 wide band dynamic cardioid microphone. 2x Uher M518A remote control microphone.
2x Philips N8301 wide band dynamic microphones. Uher M518A remote control microphone
AKG D190E microphone. Philips EL3797/00 microphone with speaker, Philips EL3787/00 preamplifier. 
Qty Pulse PM580 dynamic vocal microphone. Yamaha foot pedal, Alesis 93 foot switch
2x Philips cassette tape recorders with microphone in cases
Philips 2205 cassette tape recorder inc: Philips N6200 microphone in case
2x Uher 4000 report monitor inc: Uher M510 microphone, Uher K715 adaptor etc
Uher 4200 report stereo IC reel to reel recorder. Uher mix 700 stereo mixing console
3x Uher 1000 report pilot / monitors inc: various cables
Philips N2220 cassette recorder, PYE 9115 cassette recorder
Philips N2214 automatic cassette recorder, Philips D6410 cassette recorder
Qty Philips N2205 cassette recorders. Qty various nuts, bolts, screws, washers etc in 4 storage boxes
Qty various terminal crimp connectors, UHF connectors, phono connectors etc in 4 storage boxes
Qty various RS BNC to binding posts, coaxial attenuators, BNC connectors, cable clips etc in 3 storage boxes
Qty various resistors, fuses, labels etc in 4 storage boxes
Maby Ringstansar ring punch set in wooden case
Workzone 7 piece hole punch set, city internal-external snap ring pliers, Duratool leather punch set
Qty various hand tools inc: screwdrivers, Allen keys, files, drills etc
Hilka BA tap & die set, 20pc in case. Einhell BWS 115/850 electric angle grinder, Einhell BSM 550E electric drill set, 240v, in cases. 2x assorted O-ring sets in cases. RS T1216 torque meter with CPU torque screwdriver & various ends. RS 193-966 crimping set in carry case. 3x various storage cases
Qty various tools inc: screwdrivers, spanners, pliers, saws etc in 2 tool boxes, foot pump, Black & Decker drill stand etc. Worcester midget widget rechargeable power source
Digitron 2006T thermocouple thermometer in case
3x lead rack / tool holder. 11x various boxes used Shrink-Kon heat shrink tubing. Qty various low noise microphone cables. Qty various multi core, audio, HiFi cables. Qty various metal Din plugs.
2x RS 468-8890 battery drill sets, 14.4v with batteries & charger in cases
Black & Decker DN44 electric sander, 240v, Black & Decker HG992N heat gun, 240v
Black & Decker H264 electric drill, 240v with ear defenders, goggles etc in 2 cases
Einhell BHS1300 electric circular saw, 240v in case. Qty various cables, sleeving, connects in 3 storage cases
Electric car polisher, 240v. Sennheiser HD600 headphones
Bayer Dynamic DT900, Canford DMH205, DMH220 & DMH285 headphones
Sennheiser HD480-13/1700R headphones, Sennheiser HD480-13/600R headphones
Philips N6302 HiFi stereo headphones. Beyer Dynamic DT100 headphones, Koss K-6 stereo headphones
Philips N6301 stereo headphones. 2x Koss Pro / 4AA headphones
Qty various Canford, Speakon, Neutrik connectors (unused)
Qty various phone plugs, cables etc (unused). Qty Floor standing microphone stand
Floor standing guitar stand. Fins 1200mm retractable white screen in case
Exido FD-75BC electric free standing heater, 240v

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