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November Collective Sale

On-Line Auction Sale (Thursday 10th November 2022)



PP Saleroom, Aunby, Lincolnshire & Bicester, Oxfordshire Sites

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Virtual / Physical VIEWING: Tuesday 8th November 2022 - by appointment only

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Opens - Wednesday 2nd November 2022
Closes - Thursday 10th November starting from 9.30am

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Over 800 Lots of high quality Broadcast / Electronic Test / Site Equipment including: 

HP, Kikusui, 3M, Narda, Solartron, Else, Marconi, Thandar, Ferranti, Fluke, Schlumberger, Agilent, Racal, Microwave, Gearing & Watson, Systron & Donner, Philips, Milmega, Waugh, Chessell, Keithley, Seaward, Levell, Farnell, Anritsu, Scientific Atlanta, Bofa, TTC, Sullivan, Kenwood, Terra Universal, Gedore, Comark, LEM, Cossor, Sony, Hatfield, Wavetek, Robin, Megger, Realistic, Druck, Maury Microwave, California Microwave, Flann, Tinsley, Cropico, Telonic Berkeley, Else, Toshiba, Thales, Iwatsu, Ameritec, Lucius & Baer, Olympus, Dranetz, APC, Weller, Lucas, IFR, Astro, Avcom, Singer, Beamex, TTI, Hameg, Pickering, Racal Dana, Panasonic, EM Systems, Kepco

Auto synthesiser, jitter meters, fiber optic power meters, optical attenuators, panoramic field strength meters, electromagnetic radiation monitors, signalling test sets, synthesized signal generators, electronic load, microprocessor voltmeters, pattern generators, PSU’s, data acquisition / control units, signal sources, frequency meters, pulse generators, P/Agilent 34401A ASC kits, earth bonding testers, HF drive units, digital line monitors, logic analysers, synco simulators, LAN probes, frequency microwave counters, mac generators, LF synthesizer, RF linear power amp, oscilloscope calibrators, chart recorders, power sweep generators, digital multimeters, PAT testers, hotplates, power meters, positioner programmers, fume extractors, bus analysers, oscilloscopes, temperature meter, terminal test set, digital thermometer, oscilloscopes, comms analysers, cable fault locators, attenuators, current meters, data error analysers, transmission line test heads, loop testers, AC voltmeters, modulators, frequency converters, sweep oscillators, digital PSC loop testers, hot tweezers, pressure indicators, tunable RF bandpass filters, microwave receivers, arbitrary waveform generators, network analysers, precision terminations, gunn oscillators, high input impedance amplifiers, impedance stabilisation networks, VXI mainframes, VXI cards, aluminium flight cases, high current adapters, microwave amplifiers, professional monitors, microwave leakage testers, differential probes, high current transformer probes, ultrasonic thickness gauges, personal VF test sets, earth testers, borescope, gas analysers & loggers, test sets, electric power demand analysers, UPS’s, directional couplers, IC's, transistors, resistors, de-solder station, spectrum analysers, frequency extenders, digital communications analyser, synthesised level generators, distortion meters, mobile radio test sets, universal wireless thermocouple connectors, laser energy meters, microwave amps, projectors, horn antennas, wideband precision calibrators, Isotropic E-field probes, flexible test port cables, video enhancers, temperature calibrators, SMA cables, test cables, sound level meters, PXI mainframes, protocol testers, programmable power sources, distortion meters, universal counter timers, S-parameter test sets, millivoltmeters, EIN-to-EIN cables, multiprogrammer extenders, BTS test systems, mains power boards, Vacuum gauge work bench, miscellaneous computer equipment inc: monitors, processors, printers, hubs, cables etc

STC 4032C moving coil microphone. 3x Lustraphone vr53 vintage ribbon microphone. Grampian vintage microphone 

AJA Thunderbolt video devices, Blackmagic mini recorders, Hilight Photon Beards, 2014 Apple Mac Minis, Ross Carbonite vision mixer, Vinten Vision Ped Plus pedestal, Panasonic AW HE870 cameras, Fujinon Broadcast Lenses, Sony DWR R01D dual mic receivers, Flight Cases. TTI 1906 GPIB, Multimeter with GPIB option. Yokogawa TA320 time interval analyser. Instek PS-3030 Bench power supply. Weller PU-3D Soldering iron with stand/power supply. Hitachi V-1150 oscilloscope. 6x Tektronix P6101B oscilloscope probes. 2x Rohde & Schwarz CTD-Z10 shielded box. Zyxel IES-1000 ADSL DSLAM with AAM1008-61 module. Pace ST115 Soldering iron power supply. Anritsu dipole antenna. Anritsu MP414B Loop antenna. Audio Precision SIA2322 serial interface adapter. 2x Audio Precision DCX127 multifunction module. Lucid 88192 8 channel audio ADC/DAC. Focusrite Platinum compounder, compressor/limiter/gate. Tektronix 308 Logic analyser. Altec Copystation Memory card duplicator equipment.CATC USB Chief USB protocol analyser with breakout board. HP 54121A Four channel test set. Laplace Instruments SA1000 RF spectrum analyser. Genelec AIW25 in-wall speakers with RAM2 amplifiers. Spectrum Digital SPI515 variable voltage JTAG emulator. Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2 Headphone amplifier. Audioquest Dragonfly Red USB audio DAC. LinearX LMS Audio/acoustic analyzer card. SBC-6750 Industial PC card with Pentium CPU. PBP-14A7-A R2M0E4 Industrial PC backplane. RME Hammerfall DSP Multiface II Audio interface. Creative EM1616 E-MU EM1616. Martin Expert solder rework equipment. Axon HCL10/HD & Axon DDP14/84 front & rear input card. Ericson TT1222 integrated receiver. Profline SDV triple DVB demodulator. Bluebell Opticom Ltd 15 slot chassis. Rack type network router, Cisco 4300 series ISR router, TP-Link network router. 3x Grass Valley N600 video broadcast evolution. Advanced Digital ADV-8608 8 channel audio router (boxed). 5x Grass Valley K2 edge integrated playout server. Nevion SL-SD1602-R Vikin X 3G/HD/SD-SDI video router. Cisco modular frame with 2x Galaxy AC supplies, 9x Redus II source selectors. Cisco 3925 integrated services router (2011). 2x Tandberg E5720 encoders. Miranda Kaleido X16 multi viewer, dual head output (spares or repair). Lund Halsey maple / red 2 tier studio desk, 3000x1700mm approx, 2 section. Lund & Halsey maple / blue 2 tier studio desk, 2 section, 3000x1600mm approx

Topcon Corp RL-H2SA rotating laser level with LS-70B remote in carry case inc: measuring stick. Leica Piper 100 pipe laser in carry case. Trimble 5700 GPS receiver with Trimble TDL 450L remote in carry case. 2x laser level measuring sticks.

10 boxes (50 per box) 12 way terminal blocks, 6mm² through hole, white
17x RS PRO portable thermal line panel printer receipts labels
40x ISO-TECH ICA multimeter current clamp adapter AC, 3000A, 254mm
40x RS PRO paging & desktop microphone, unidirectional, 200ohm
20x Tyco 10 / 100 fibre media converter, 1 port desktop switch - Ethernet Lan
48x RS PRO panel mount dot matrix printer - receipt ticket test equipment
20 boxes (25 per box) Sylvania 32W T8 linear fluorescent tubes, 1200mm, warm white
80x BNIB Wylex WS102 isolator switch, 2 pole, 100A NH Series disconnector P1L
22x various Eaton steel enclosed switch disconnectors   
20 boxes (10 per box) Schneider RSZE1S48M relay socket for RSB series
10x Cotek 1.5kW embedded switch mode power supply, SMPS, 24vdc, enclosed, AE-1500-24
Vega Vegabar 39 Series for gas liquid, 1bar min / 25bar max, dig Output, TM2067048
7x Eaton 6kA 2 pole T0 switch disconnector, 197384 T0-1-8200/SE1/S 20A
3x Mini Motor Worm AC geared motors. 
Georg Fischer 8150 battery flow totalizer
2x Simex SRP-457-1811-1-4-091 LED digital panel multi-function meter head
4x Control Techniques Inverter Drive 3 phase Unidrive, M400, 0.37kW
5x Crouzet 8Nm DC geared motor, 20rpm output speed, 24-240vac
Sick C4C deTec4 Core safety curtain sender & receiver, 30mm res
3x Carel Temperature control module, 3 phase, UltraCella control, 4 & 7.5HP
Pair of Telemecanique XUSLB light curtain, 44 beams, 30mm resolution
Mitsubishi F846 3ph AC inverter drive, IP55, 3.7kW, 400v, STO, C2 EMC
Star Tech CAB831HD 8 port KVM switch
Adder AdderView Matrix AVM216-MP 16 port KVM switch
Verotech 6 Fan intelligent fan tray, 1U,
2x Apricorn Aegis Bio 3 500 GB portable hard drive
2x Star Tech ST121HDBT20L HDMI over CAT6 extender
2x ISO-TECH ISG-LF44 RF signal / function generator, 4.4GHz
ISO-TECH IPS1603D digital bench power supply, 0-60v / 0-3A / 360W output
2x EA Elektro-Automatik EA-PS 880-170R bench power supply, 5kW output
2x RS PRO TES-5110 data logging air quality monitor, battery & mains powered
3x WFS Seatooth RS485 Subsea Radio Industrial Modem, 2.4kbit/s 3.6-28vdc, T&M
WFS Seatooth RS232 Subsea Radio Industrial Modem, 2.4kbit/s 3.6-28vdc, T&M
Tektronix TCA292MM mixed signal oscilloscope signal adapter, T&M
Keysight oscilloscope module, RS-232/UART triggering & decode, N5457A, T&M
Laserliner 078.800B electronic depth measurement tool, 2000mm
Laserliner 080.980A distance laser measure, 80m range 8x camera, H9CL1
10 boxes (10 per box) THP-300 A8 thermal paper, 57mm wide, 28mm dia
IsoTech 300XP thermal portable printer,  57mm paper width (unused)
2x 10x Ecospill Ltd oil spill mat, medium, 940x25mm
36x 25ltr Swarfega PNC25L power wash, non caustic
3x boxes (144 pairs) Showa 730-10 chemical resistant gloves / gauntlet, size 9 & 10
35 litre chemical spill kit
Florence Series LED grow light for biomass, wide angle, 6800 x 1050 x 800mm

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