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S4C Auction Sale

On-Line Auction Sale (Thursday 1st April 2021)



Cardiff, Wales

Viewing Info

Virtual / Physical VIEWING: Tuesday 30th March 2021 - by appointment only

Bidding Info

Bidding Opens - Tuesday 16th March 2021
Bidding Closes - Thursday 1st April 2021 starting from 9am

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Presentation Control Room

Custom Consoles 5000x1200mm ‘C’ shape grey modular studio desk
Trilogy Talkback command unit. Evertz CP-1604 Router control panel
Pro-Bel router control. DBX 376 rube channel strip w/digital out
TSL AMU2-8HD Audio monitoring panel. Pro-Bel TX master control console
Miranda RCP-BR touch screen branding control panel
Evertz 1212 studio clock. Evertz digital studio clock, on air lights
JVC DT-V17G1EAT, 2x JVC DT-V20L3G & 2x JVC DT-R24L4D multi format LCD monitors.
2x Sharp LCD monitors
2x Genelec 1032A BI-amplified monitoring speakers on stands
Genelec 8030A BI-amplified monitoring speakers on stands. Genelec 7060B active subwoofer

Presentation Control Room Sound Booth
Custom Consoles 2200x1800mm ‘L’ shape studio desk. Herman Miller swivel studio chair
Qty various Bayer Dynamics, Sennheiser, EH150, SONY MDR-V150 headphones
Audio technical AT4033A Transfer less capacitor studio microphone on stand
JVC DT-R17L4DEAT multi format LCD monitor
Leitch DTD-5200 digital time display.
2 x Genelec 8030A Bi amplified monitoring system speakers

Soniflex Redbox. Pro-Bel router control. Trilogy Talkback command unit

Engineering Control Room
Pro-Bel channel assign unit. 2x Pro-Bel router panel. 2x Trilogy talkback command unit.
TSL PAM2-3G16 Audio monitoring unit. 2x Tektronix WFM7120 waveform monitor.  
Harris RCP 16X16P router control panel. 2x Pro-Bel 6276/6277 router control. TSL AMU2-8HD audio monitoring panel. Junger B40 digital audio tool box. Bel Audio 7000 series delay synchroniser
2x Research Concepts RC2000 dual axis antenna controller. 2x Anritsu MS265IB spectrum analyser, 9kHz-3GHz. 2x TSL AMU2-2MD audio monitoring unit. Evertz ECM4010 edit code master
Sony DVW-A500P digital cassette recorder. Fostex 6301B Personnel motoring speaker. Yamaha MS-101 II Monitoring speaker. 2x JVC DT-R24L4D multi format LCD Monitor. Penta HD2 Pro LCD displays. 3x Sharp LCD monitors
2x Genelec1032a amplified monitoring speakers on stands. Genelec 7060B Active subwoofer
3x Genelec 8030A BI-amplified monitoring speakers on stands

2x Kramer VS-101AV video / audio stereo switcher. Miranda Audio bridge terminal
Broadcast tach DT-VM 1000DVB-T receiver. JVC DT-V24L3D Multi-format LCD monitor
Avitel TGE 2040 time code generator. Avitel TRE 2060 Time code. Bayer Dynamic MCE94 microphone. White metal 2 door / single drawer storage cupboards, 1000x480x1250mm

Edit 1 Gallery
Custom Consoles 3000x1000m grey studio desk
HD Gordon photoepilepsy monitor. Pro-Bel button control. MurryPro Cage HD/SD cursor generator. Tektronix WVR5000 video rasteriser. TSL AMUZ-8HD audio monitoring unit.
MurryPro E23.6.4 3 LCD display Unit. Sony DVW-A500P digital video cassette player
Black Magic Avid Artist DNX10 professional video I/O interface
Behringer SRC-2496 Ultra match Pro Sample rate convertor
Audio Design Pro Box 8 2in 2x5 out digital distribution
JVC DT-V24L1D Multi Format LCD Monitor. Roland MA-20D digital stereo micro monitor
2 x Genelec 1032A BI-amplified monitoring system speakers on stand
Gorgy timing digital studio clock. Apple Mac Pro
Herman Millar swivel chair. KAB leather effect studio chair. Black leather effect 2 seater sofa

Edit 1 (Sound Booth)
Lund Halsey 2000x1000mm ‘L’ shape studio desk
JVC DT-R17L4D Multi format LCD Monitor. Neumann U89i microphone.
Soniflex Redbox RB-HD1 Headphone amplifier. Pro-bel control unit. Symetrix Air tool voice processor
Red on Air tool voice processor. Trilogy Talkback Unit. Beyer Dynamic DT100 headphones

Edit Suite 2
HD Gordon photoepilepsy monitor. MurryPro Cage HD/SD cursor generator.
Pro-bel controller. Tektronix WVR5000 waveform rasteriser. TSL Audio monitoring unit
Sony SMS-1P powered monitor speaker. Sony Scan convertor. 2x Genelec 1032a bi-amplified speakers. Apple Base unit. Apple A1481 Mac Pro. MurryPro E23.64. Sony SRW-5800 HD digital video cassette recorder. Blackmagic Avid Artist DNX10 professional video I/O interface. Black leather effect 2 seater sofa

Lund Halsey 1560x1200mm studio desk.

JVC TMH150CG CRT studio monitor. Sony DVW-A500P digital video cassette recorder
Phabix RX500 Broadcast Excellence 2 channel waveform testing analyser
Trilogy Talkback command unit. Pro-Bel router controller.
JVC DT-V24G2 Multi format monitor LCD. 2x Genelec 1032A Bi-amplified monitoring speakers
KAB black leather effect studio chair. 10 shelf tape storage racks

Clips & Dubs
Imp VMR.30 timecode. Evertz ECM 4010 edit code master
Tascam MD-350 mini disc recorder. Tascam DA-60 mkII DAT recorder
R-Quest FlashJet 4800 CD/DVD imager. HHB Burnit Plus CDR-830 Compact disk recorder
Sony DSR-40P Digital & Panasonic AG-MD835 video cassette recorders.
Sony BVS-V121 video routing switcher. Audio and video VP704 Automatic signal switcher
2x Sony SRW-5800 HD digital video cassette recorders. Sony J-30SDI compact player
HP Z600 workstation. Primera DP-4101 disc publisher. Tektronix WVR 5000 video rasteriser.  
Lund Halsey 1500x1300 studio desk. Quartz CP-3200 router control panel.
TSL AMUT-2MHD audio monitoring panel. Inter M R150 Plus reference amplifier
Trilogy talkback command control panel. MurryPro Cage HD/SD cursor generator.
Pro-Bel 6276/6277 control panel. HD Gordon photoepilepsy monitor
JVC DT-V17L3R Multi format LCD Monitor. Pair Yamaha NS-10M studio speaks on stands
Leitch 16x16P router panel. Sony HDW-DI800 HD digital video cassette recorder.
3x Sony DNW-A500P digital video cassette recorder. Evertz digital studio clock. 3x TSL freestanding 45u component racks. Verity systems 22008 802 conveyor
Herman Miller swivel studio chair. 2x 1800x1200mm ‘L’ shape light oak office desks
White metal 2 door, 3 drawer storage cabinet, 1000x480x1750mm

2x Sony BFC-1 flex carts. Evertz studio clock. Leitch digital studio clock
2x Sony SRW-5100 HD digital videocassette players. Tektronix WVR5000 waveform rasteriser. TSL AMU2-8HD audio monitoring unit. 2x Pro-Bel 6276/6277 control panel.
Trilogy Talkback command unit. MurryPro Cage HD/SD cursor generator.
HD Gordon photoepilepsy monito. Harris RCP-16P router
2x Genelec 1031A Bi-amplified monitoring speakers on stand
Sharp PN-E521 Plasma monitor on stand. 2x Sony SRW-5800 HD Digital video cassette recorders. 2x Sony DVW A500P Digital video cassette recorders
Panorama DT-V9L3D-SDA audio monitoring unit. 2x JVC DT-V9L3D multi format monitors
XVision digital Quadplex. Herman Millar swivel studio chair. KAB Black swivel studio chair

Sony Quad switcher. Sony J-30 SDI compact player. Miranda imagestore master control & branding processor. Evertz 16x16 RF routers. TSL AMU2-8HD audio monitoring unit. Trilogy talkback command units. Samson S-phone headphone mixer-amp. Showman off air receiver
Sony DVW-A510P, DNW A500P, DNW A522P digital video cassette players
Tektronix WVR6100 waveform rasteriser. Philips PM5515 colour TV pattern generator
Quartz QMC master controller. Harmonic Proview 7100 single-channel decoder & descrambler.
Wohler AMP1-SDA Digital Audio monitoring panel. Lindos LA102 audio measuring set.
Lindos LA101 audio oscilloscope. Tektronix TDS 3054B digital Phospher oscilloscope.
Pro Max Prodig-5 Universal TV explorer
Phabrix SX portable 3G/HD/SD generation, analysis & monitoring.
Qty various spares inc: cable, connectors, XLR, resistors, fuses, relays, crimps
Clarke single spindle pillar drill, 290-2800rpm, RF table.  
6x Kaymar 1800x900mm electronic work benches, built in sockets & lights
Sotecho GV-17DP 1100W vacuum cleaner. Prism Sound DSA-1 1 digital audio interface unit in carry case. BK Precision 467 CRT restorer / analyser, transformers, extensions. Pro Max Pro Dig 1 digital sat meter. Tektronix AM70 Digital audio analyser / generator. Minolta LS-110 luminance meter.

CAR 1 & 2
Soniflex Redbox balance convertor. Anaba way XTD620 Studio scan. Samson Servo 170 studio amplifier. Seltech DCD-520 digital clock display. 2x JVC TM-A101G CRT monitors. TSL AMUT-2MD monitoring unit. Snell & Wilcox ARC150 Aspect ratio convertor. Kramer SP-11D digital video processor. 4x Elemental Live 150 Series rack type media encoders.
Tandberg RX1290, TT1260 & TT1220 receivers. Qty various patch panels.
Pro-Bel Chyron Eclipse router panels with various plug-in modules
Polistream Screen Systems U8000 subtitling units.  Rack type monitors
Eye height uni panel. Axon SFR18 Synapse housing frames with various modules
Snell Sirius 600 HD video matrix router with various plug in modules.
Miranda 15-750 Imagestore master control & branding processor
Miranda Kaleido X multiviewer with plug in cards. Miranda Audio bridge terminal.
2x Blackmagic Multiview 16 16 channel monitoring panel. TSL TM1 Tally man.
Arri Connexion output modules. Telos one telephone hybrid. Telos Zephyr digital network transceiver
Corio 2 C2-6104A Corioview DV1-U multiviewer. Vortex 4850 master time source
Omneon Media Director. Omneon Media Ports. Qty various patch panels, MDU power sockets
20 Canon etc full height component racks.
Qualstar Corporation 88264 tape library. Trilogy talkback unit. Super Micro 826-9 rack serves. 10 & 12 way MDU’s. Apple Mac monitor. Qty various network switches.

Tektronix SPG422 component digital sync generator. Tektronix ECO422 changeover unit
Wohler MLH-2P Power unit. VG electronics teletext processor. Pro-Bel routing switcher, signal distribution patch panels. Miles M44 on air clock. Tektronix Genesis 6000 Series chassis. X-Tel easykey. Pro-Bel Chyron TX Series router panel. Quantel Picture Box digital video effects unit.
Miranda imagestore master control & branding processor. Leitch FR-6084 Digital Glue chassis.
Shootview VIP4000 split processor. Snell & Wilcox Magic Dave 3D digital effects system. Snell & Wilcox ARC 150L Aspect ratio convertor. Audio Design Pro Box 10 sample rate convertor. Pro Con video & audio switcher. Dell Power Vault MD3060e 4U storage array. Trilogy Commander PSU. Qty various HP Proliant DL380P Gen 5 & Gen6 rack type servers.

Light oak rectangular tables. Herman Miller etc chairs.
JVC TM-H150CG CRT studio monitor. Tektronix 1741 waveform / vector monitor
Tektronix WFM 601i serial component monitor. Pro-Bel 6276/6277 router control panel
Trilogy talkback command unit. MurryPro Cage HD/SD cursor generator
Sony DVW- A500P Digital video cassette recorder. Trilogy talkback command unit. Trilogy 100 distribution chassis. JVC DT-R24L4D & JVC DT-R17L4D multi format LCD monitors
Penta HD2Line multiformat LCD monitor

Custom Consoles 1800mm wide 2 tier RF studio desk 
Sony SRW-5500 HD Digital video cassette recorder. JVC TM-A101G CRT Monitor
Tektronix WFM7120 multiformat waveform monitor. Tektronix WFM 601E serial component monitor
TSL PPM. TSL PAM1-3G8 Audio monitoring unit. MurryPro Cage HD/SD cursor generator. Pro-Bel controller. Genelec 8020 Bi-amplified speaker. 2x Genelec 8030 bi-amplified speakers
Genelec 7050B Active subwoofer. Panasonic BT-LH2600WE multi format monitor

Custom consoles 1800mm manual R/F editing desk.
JVC TM-A10E CRT Studio monitor. Sony SRW-5800 HD Digital video cassette recorder
MurryPro Cage HD/SD cursor generator. Tektronix WVR500 waveform rasteriser. TSL Audio monitoring processor. HD Gordon photoepilepsy monitor. TSL PPM. Trilogy 00-41 command unit
JVC DT-V24G2 Multi format LCD monitor. 2x Genelec 1029A active monitor speakers.

Lund & Halsey 1500x1300mm studio desk. Sony DVW-A500P Digital video cassette recorder
JVC TM-10E-K CRT studio monitor. Pro-Bel 6700 router control panel

Lund & Halsey 1500x1300mm studio desk. Herman Miller swivel studio chair

2x Genelec 8230A BI amplified monitoring speakers on stands
JVC TM-A10E-K CRT studio monitor. Sony SRW-5800 HD digital video cassette recorder
Pro-Bel 6700 router control panel. MurryPro Cage HD/SD cursor generator.
Tektronix WVR 5000 waveform rasteriser. HD Gordon photoepilepsy monitor. JVC DT-V24L3D multi format LCD monitor. Newbury Systems BGME2HD3G audio monitoring unit


Sony HDW-D1800 & Sony SRW-5800 HD digital video cassette recorders. 6x Sony DVW-A500P Digital video cassette recorders. Sony SRW-5100 HD Digital video cassette player. 3x Sony DVW-A510P Digital video cassette player. 2x Panasonic TX-40C300B LED TV’s on mobile stands

Digitizing Area
Tektronix WFM 5000 waveform monitor. MurryPro compact quad PPM.
3x JVC DT-R24L4ID multi format LCD monitors. Sony J-30 SDI compact player
Sony J-H3 compact player. 2 sets Behringer MS16 monitor speaker
Ikea pine multi-shelf storage shelves 1000x1800mm

Sundry Equipment
2x Oxygen DCT LMD9014 multi format LCD Monitors. Trilogy command unit. Sony J-3 compact player. Gorgy timing 3667 / 11050 Digital studio clock. Snell & Wilcox Magic Dave 3D Digital effects systems. Tandberg TT1260 receivers. Tektronix WVR6100 waveform rasteriser. Softel SE3055 Teletext data bridge. Moxa NPort device server. Tektronix WFM601E serial component monitor. TSL PPM. Behringer V-Verb Pro REV2496 Engine reverb modeller. Sony UHF Synthesized diversity tuner
Samson S.COM4 compressor gate. Klark Teknik DN780 reverberator processor. Sony BVW-75P video cassette recorder. MurryPro Cage HD/SD cursor generator. Evertz 7700 multi frame chassis.
Yamaha 03D Digital mixing console. Tannoy System8 speakers. Tektronix WFM 6120 & WFM-300 waveform monitors. Tektronix 2445B Oscilloscope, 200Hz. Pro-Bel Chyron TX 420 console. Sony J-30 SDI compact player. Vinten 3061 Tripod. Mackie Enlogic 8 channel mixing console. Tektronix VM700A video measuring set. JVC BR-S500E video cassette player. JVC BR-5800E video cassette player recorder.

Factory Plant / Sat Farm
Eaton 93PM-100 UPS, 100kva with 80x external Fiamm 12FLB350 12v batteries (2016)
Musgrave Generator Ltd V450/AMF/AC 450kva diesel generator on skids, integrated diesel tank, 479hrs, Volvo TAD 1630GE diesel engine in 9m long container, external diesel tank (1998)
Satellite farm including: 2x Precision Antennas Type E2811DEA 2.8m fixed dishes, TVRO 11GHz. 1x Precision Antennas Type E2811DEA 2.8m motorised dish, TVRO 11GHz. 1x Apesat 3.8m motorised dish, 1.8 / 2m  Precision Antennas dish. All fitted with 2x Swedish Microwave Ku band LNB’s.

Office Furniture & Equipment
Qty various size Vitra modular white multi station open plan office desks, cable management, partition screens, integrated lights etc
Qty white metal 2 door storage cupboards, 1000x480x1750mm
Qty white metal 2 doors / 2 drawer storage cupboards, 1000x480x1250mm
Qty Herman Miller etc swivel studio chairs
Fellows 225CI paper / media shredder. Fellows W-25CI paper shredder. Qty various desktop PC’s, Printers etc
HP DesignJet 500 large format printer, 4 individual colour cartridges, network connectivity

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