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September Collective Sale

On-Line Auction Sale (Thursday 24th September 2020)



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Virtual / Physical VIEWING: Tuesday 22nd September 2020 - by appointment only

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Bidding Opens - Wednesday 16th September 2020
Bidding Closes - Thursday 24th September 2020 starting from 9.30am

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CNC / Machine Tools / Sheet Metal / Woodworking:
Hurco VMX30 CNC VMC, Ultimax control, 24 tool ATC, 10,000rpm, 1020x510mm table, swarf conveyor, s/n M342-06113117EHA (2007)
Boschert Ecco-Line type LL 750 CNC turret punch, Lumiflex light guards (1998)
Kitchen & Wade 12/60 mkII E32 radial arm drill, 60” arm, 40-2040rpm, 48x30” CI ‘T’ slotted table
Boxford VM30 milling machine, 600x150mm table
Bench type single spindle pilar drill
Edwards Truecut model 4/2500 guillotine
Fefi Nuova 92 pipe threader with rigid 1/2" - 3/4" universal pipe dies, 240v
Friulmac model IDRAMAT automatic double ended tenon machine with 4 bag extraction unit, s/n 3855A (2006)
2x Wadkin Bursgreen BER 4 spindle moulders
Robinson spindle moulder
Double bag extraction unit, etc.

Laboratory / Inspection:
Lancer 910E laboratory s/s glassware washer, 10kW, 415v, s/n 9B100849
Fisons FE300H/R40/T environmental chamber, 600x650x650mm int dim, -40°C to 150°C temp, s/n 6536
Safelab Systems Arone 1000-GS recirculating fume hood, 900x650x650mm aperture (1995)
C&W AB7 humidity cabinet, 240v, Eurotherm 2416 control, 800x600x600mm tank size, s/n CWL/95097
Huber UC015 refrigerated circulator, -10°C to 40°C temp, Polystat CC1 control, s/n 50992/02
MakerBot Replicator Z18 3D printer (2001)
Olympus NDT Bondmaster 1000E+ composite inspection instrument with charger
Torqueleader ETCAL 10 Electronic torque calibrator in case
Torqueleader TSD350 & TSD150 electronic digital drivers in case
Digi-Pas DWL-3000 X-Y digital level & vibrometer in case
Testo 440 airflow meter / climate measurement in carry case 
Mitutoyo HDS-G24 digimatic height gauge, 600mm capacity
Micromotion inc Elite RFT 9739D 4 EMA remote flow meter / transmitter with mass flow sensor
Olympus borescope kit with KMI light source in case
7x KDG flowmeters, etc.

Factory Plant / Miscellaneous:
Go Industries electric cherry picker, 215kg swl (spares or repair)
Bomford Turner B458 3 point linkage rear mounted flail cutter
MecWash Aqua-Save Junior wash water recycling system, s/n AQ206
2x Hoval Ultragas 250 gas fired boilers, 250kW boiler rating, 44-250kW boiler output, 5 bar max operating pressure, 90degC max operating temperature (2014)
3x Hamworthy Purewell Variheat 180 gas fired condensing boilers, 180kW boiler output, 85degC max water temperature, 6 bar (2014)
Mitsubishi PUHZ-ZRP100YKA3 air conditioning unit with equipment (2017)
2x secure climate controlled containers, built in air conditioning, heating & lighting, 6.055m (L) x 2.43m (W) x 3.05m (H) approx external dimensions (2017)
Secure climate controlled container, twin side doors, built in air conditioning, heating & lighting, 6.055m (L) x 2.43m (W) x 3.05m (H) approx external dimensions (2017)
5x secure climate controlled containers, built in air conditioning, heating & lighting, 6.055m (L) x 2.43m (W) x 3.05m (H) approx dimensions including integrated caged enclosure (2017)
Canvas stretch master machine
Hirst HMI5084 conveyor demagnetiser (2018)
Taski Combimat 500E floor scrubber / dryer, 240v
2x Tennant battery operated floor sweepers with charger (spares)
5x Ideal Sourcing 8902 steam cleaner, 1500W, 240V, boxed (2009)
Andrews G100DV portable gas heater, 240v (2001)
Biemmedue EC40 diesel fired factory heater (1997)
Ultrapac MSD0050 heatless regenerating adsorption dryer & receiver
Andrews HD500 building dryer dehumidifier
Portotecnica Mirage 1629 mobile industrial vacuum, 2000W, 240v 
Qty various spill kits on pallet
IAC acoustic hearing room (dismantled)
Linpac Allibert 500L plastic tank with plastic surround
Evacusafe evacuation chair
Blakley Electrics STS/2/S1-13 isolating transformer, Troon security doors, Dimplex fire, etc.

Broadcast / Media Equipment:
8x secure climate controlled containers, built in air conditioning, heating & lighting, 6.055m (L) x 2.43m (W) x 3.05m (H) approx external dimensions (2017) (5x with integrated caged enclosure)
12x Com-Tech 4-Slot 7/8” directional couplers (2017)
Certa C400R rack type UPS (2017)
Emerson GXT4-2000RT230E rack type UPS, 2000va (2017)
3x Cisco Catalyst 2960 Plus Series fibre switches (2017)
3x Cardinal intelligent broadcast mains distribution units, 12 outputs (2017)
ISD SD101 sound development system including speakers, mic, computer card, manual etc (boxed & unused)
Harmonic R-ELC-8140-HW-AC-L-02 encoder
3x Harmonic R-PRM-1K-CHS-AC-1G-1L digital video multiplexers
8x Screen Polistream U4000 subtitle screen transmission systems
3x Evertz 500FR exponent audio distribution frames with plug in cards
Evertz 400FR exponent audio distribution frame with plug in cards
Murray Pro EZ-MON HD monitor unit
Vision 360 AVH4 digital video recorder, 16 channel
HP Storage Works Enterprise LVLDC-0301 systems library
Crystal Vision SW808 controller with Crystal Vision Indigo2 PSU 
CTP Systems PL4XX editors earpiece volume control unit 
Soniflex RB-SM2 stereo to mono convertor
Quartz CP-3200A router, Eyeheight controller, etc.

Electronic Test Equipment:
Anritsu MS2602A spectrum analyser
Skytronic 650.682 adjustable DC power supply
Lilliput Owon PDS 5022S dual channel digital storage oscilloscope
Manson EP-925 power supply
Voltcraft Plus RGB-2000 colour analyser in case
Megger TDR900 cable length meter
Hykon 1410 wire length meter
Megger BM403 digital insulation tester
Lascar 130 power supply
Bicolog 30100 EMC antenna
Sanki ESD-8012 electrostatic discharge tester
Iso-tech LCR821 meter
GW Instek & Rapid DC power supplies
HP 59306A relay actuator
TTI WA301 wideband amplifier
Goldstar Oscilloscope
Fluke 1653 multifunction insulation tester
Tektronix THS720P portable oscilloscope
Clare HAL insulation tester
OK Instruments surface resistance meter
Peak RJ45 network tester
DT 2350P stroboscope
Iso-tech digital light meter
Digitron 2003P digital manometer
Fluke VR1710 voltage recorder
HP GPS time / frequency reference plus antenna
Marconi 202 signal generator
Prosound 200 Professional power amplifier
Tektronix TDS360 oscilloscope
HP 8133A 3GHz pulse generator
HP 8903B audio analyser
HP 6032A system power supply, 0-60v / 0-50A, 1000W
HP 8131A 500MHz pulse generator with manual
Lem Norma GEOX insulation / earth tester with clamps & coils in case (boxed & unused)
Schwarz Beck mess-elektronik D-6901 VHF-stormessempfanger, 30-300MHz
Fluke 6160B frequency synthesizer
Tektronix 2465A DM 4 channel oscilloscope
Thrane & Thrane sailor TT-3026D/S/M maritime mini-C easytrack transceiver with cables (boxed)
Marconi 2850 digital transmission analyser
2x Ling Electronics TAP1000 test article protectors
Marconi 2850 digital transmission analyser
Telecommunications firebird 4000 communications analyser
HP 11713A attenuator / switch driver
2x Bentham lock-in amplifiers, display unit
HP 11846A DQPSK I/Q generator 
Yokogawa LR4110 chart recorder
Sony IF-500 multiple interface box
Druck DP1515 pressure controller calibrator in carry case with manual (fault)
Simco Pulsegun five PG-5 ionisng gun (boxed)
2x RS 180-7133 light meters, 2x Testo 512 thermometers
Keithley 705 scanner
Tektronix TM501 & AM503 current probe amplifier
Tektronix TM503 & PG508 pulse generator, 50MHz
Kenwood CV-1245 pal waveform monitor
Philips PM5134 function generator, 1MHz - 20MHz
Wavetek 164 sweep function generator, 30MHz
Glassman LV33-33 DC power supply, 0-33v, 0-33A
Dunlop AA 1508 wheel spin up test set
Wavetek 172B programmable signal source, option 001 / 002
Schaffner NSG 200E & NSG225 burst interference simulator
2x HP8018A serial data generators
HP16500A logic analysis system with 16510A timing card
HP 438A power meter
HP 8903B audio analyser
Labfacility L200-TC-00 temperature monitor with leads in box
Aethra D2000 Pro ISDN analyser tester with accessories in padded bag
Eaton EX1000 uninterruptable power supply
Marconi 2850A digital transmission analyser, opt 1-2 in foam tray with equipment
Panasonic VP8401B TV-signal generator
Lem Heme PR1201 ACV current probe
HP 8954A transceiver interface
Scientific-Atlanta IS-200 dipole antenna
HP 37732A telecom / datacom analyser
Foxboro Miran IACF general purpose gas analyser with Philips PM8251 pen recorder in transit case
Kikusui 838315 automatic W/I test system with control unit etc
HP 6943A multi programmer extender
HP 6942A multi programmer, HP 6944A multi programmer
Various Agilent / HP manuals, etc.

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